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Leading Courses has announced the Golfers’ Choice Rankings 2022 – a rundown of the world’s best courses according to golfers.

The rankings are decided by reviews given by the Leading Courses community, which make them the most transparent golf course rankings in the world of golf.

Leading Courses is Europe’s largest golf course review and tee time booking platform. Its Golfers’ Choice Rankings were first published in 2013 for golf courses in the Netherlands.

A lot has happened since then, with rankings in 15 countries and eight categories this year. However, one thing has stayed the same over the years – the rankings are only released in countries and of categories when they are reliable.

The Golfers’ Choice

When Leading Courses was founded in 2007, the main objective was to help golfers gather information about golf courses to help them make the best-informed choice in their search for the next golf course they wanted to play.

Since 2007, more than 325,000 reviews have been written on These reviews are a unique source of insight and are the sole driving force behind the Golfers’ Choice Ranking.

Leading Courses 2

To put it simply, these rankings are the Golfers’ Choice. There’s no
one better to decide if a golf course or club belongs in a top list
than the golfers who have experienced it themselves.

The Golfers’ Choice Rankings aren’t just about golf courses. Every time a golfer writes a review about a golf club, they are asked to provide ratings (from one to ten) for nine different components: general impressions; the golf course; maintenance; facilities; clubhouse; value for money; hospitality; surroundings; restaurant.

The Leading Courses algorithm calculates a weighted average based on the scores given for each of these review components.

This algorithm also takes into account the status of thereviewer (Steel, Bronze, Silver or Gold), how recently a golfer has played the club, the completeness of the review and the number of times the user has reviewed the course to calculate the rating of the review.

Leading Courses 3

Best golf courses in 15 countries

When a golf club has gathered a sufficient amount of reviews (and more important, points)they are eligible to qualify for the rankings.

To make sure that ratings stay relevant, reviews are devalued over time. Rankings are only released in countries where Leading Courses has enough reviewed courses to create a reliable comparison.

This year, rankings have been created in the following 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, Curaçao, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Mauritius, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

View all Golfers’ Choice Rankings

Leading Courses 4

No rankings in the UK (yet)

You might wonder why Leading Courses doesn’t have rankings in Scotland or other parts of the UK. The plain and simple reason is that the rankings in the UK are not reliable enough yet to give good advice to other golfers. To make sure there will be rankings in the near future, Leading Courses invites all UK golfers to write reviews about the courses in their own country or any other country they have played in. Besides keeping an online journal of all your golf experiences, you also have the chance to win great prizes every month.

About Leading Courses

Leading Courses was established in 2007 to help golfers to find and play golf courses throughout the world suited for them and to identify hidden gems in each country. This has always been and will always remain the main objective.

Leading Courses is Europe’s largest community platform by and for golfers. With 300,000 monthly visitors, the website inspires golfers with hundreds of thousands of reviews written about golf courses worldwide.

Leading Courses also makes it possible for golfers to book and reserve tee times at golf courses in many European countries.

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