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The constant drive for improvement in golf is what keeps all of us coming back for more, right?

Well, a new app called 15 Minute Golf Coach has been launched that vows to transform your game with a series of visual and audio guides, all of which can be accessed while you’re on the fairway or driving range.

The idea behind it is that, prior to addressing the ball, golfers will watch a 90-second video on the subject matter. Then, the golfer will put headphones in and listen to 15 minutes worth of expert advice from coaches as they practice the techniques.

The app is the brainchild of French teaching duo Eric Albou and Jean-Emmanuel Elbaz, who came up with the idea after hearing regular feedback from their students.

“I’ve been a golf coach for 15 years and so many of my pupils come to me saying that they’ve just watched a video on YouTube and it was telling them this and that,” Elbaz, who is one of the coaches demonstrating drills on the app, explained to

“The thing with YouTube videos, though, is that there’s no methodology. It’s one video here and another there. They then go to the range and try and replicate what they saw purely from memory. They don’t need to do that with this app.”

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The videos are voiced over so the instructions are clear to understand, while the audioguides follow a step-by-step process during workouts, allowing golfers to reach their objectives in a very short timeframe.

The tagline behind the app is that 15 minutes of focused drills are more effective than hours of unfocused effort – so

The core programme, which involves five lessons, is available for FREE upon downloading the app. Thereafter, it costs $29.99 to unlock the full programme on the app.

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