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Callaway has lit up the golf equipment world once more as it announced the return the of the Big Bertha, and apparently she’s meaner than ever.

Every golfer has had a Big Bertha metalwood in their bag at one point or another and it has returned in spectacular fashion. Launched alongside the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha, it debuts the adjustable perimeter weighting technology alongside a hyper speed face, an advanced adjustable hosel and a forged composite crown.

The adjustable perimeter weighting is the headline feature as it allows you to move an 8g sliding weight to any place on the five-inch track, meaning you can find the perfect place to optimise shot shape and dispersion.

Its hyper speed face means you can hit the ball with a much larger and more forgiving sweetspot, maintaining high ball speeds to get the ball flying off the tee.

Adjustability is key with the new Callaway Big Bertha and its advanced adjustable hosel allows you to independently adjust loft and lie angle. You can choose from four different lofts (-1 to +2) and two different lies (draw and neutral) to ensure the club is optimised for your swing.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha

Best suited for tour players and highly-skilled amateurs, the Big Bertha Alpha is the first driver to allow independent adjustments of four significant performance characteristics – loft, lie, centre of gravity bias and, for the first time ever, centre of gravity height.

This driver has been designed to give every golfer the best chance to achieve their optimal driving distance.

The height of the centre of gravity has a major impact on the combination of spin and launch angle, but the new Gravity Control Adjustability from Callaway breaks that fixed relationship and allows you to adjust them independently for the first time.

The Gravity Core sits within the clubhead in a carbon tube that connects the crown and sole. It has a tungsten end, weighing 10.5g, and a glass fibre reinforced body, weighing just 1.5g. It can be inserted into the clubhead two different ways, which allows you to change the vertical centre of graviity and alter the spin rates based on how it is positioned.

Like the new Big Bertha, it features a hyper speed face and advanced adjustable hosel, but the Alpha also allows you to change the centre of gravity bias and achieve the right shot shape. It has a screw port in the heel and toe and comes with four interchangeable weights: 1g, 3g, 5g, and 7g.

Available in shops from February 14, the Callaway Big Bertha is priced at £349, while the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha will hit the market at £399. For more information on these and more of Callaway‘s 2014 products, log-on to


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