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Loft is something that you might not consider when it comes to a putter. However, it’s at the heart of Cobra’s new range of flatsticks and it’s crucial to helping you hole more putts. It all comes in the form of Descending Loft Technology.

Descending Loft Technology is one of the key selling points to Cobra’s Vintage and 3D putter range and it’s something that we can confirm, does work.

Before we tell you how it’s going to help you hole more putts, let’s briefly explain what Descending Loft Technology means.

In Cobra’s 2024 range of putters, the highest point on the face has four degrees of loft. Under that, the next part of the putter has three degrees of loft. That’s followed by two degrees and then one degree at the bottom of the blade.

This was an innovation originally coined by L.A. Golf and you can now find the tech in Cobra clubs. This comes in both their Vintage range for 2024 and their 3D range.

In both these lines, you’ll find a wide array of putter shapes, with blades, all the way up to large mallet heads featured. Whatever your preference in a putter shape, you’re guaranteed to find it here.

How does Descending Loft Technology work in Cobra putters?

This is a very clever piece of technology and it allows the golf ball to roll end over end on the green. We’ll allow Chad DeHart, Product Line Manager for Cobra Golf, to explain.

“This optimises your roll performance by putt to putt and from round to round. As we know, we’re not robots, we do make mistakes and we do deliver the club differently.

“If you’re a golfer who has a lot of forward shaft lean, you would typically catch the ball fairly high on the face. On a traditional putter, you would drive that ball into the ground and you would get a ball that bounces and tumbles and doesn’t get to its purest roll very quick.

Descending Loft Technology
Descending Loft Technology features in all of Cobra’s putters. (Credit: Cobra)

“With Descending Loft Technology, we have four degrees of loft at the very upper part of the face. If you do have forward shaft lean, you’re going to benefit from the added loft and you’re going to get more of a pure roll.

“On the flipside, if you’re a golfer who tends to add loft through the putting stroke, you will typically catch it lower on the face. With the added loft from your release, you will get the optimum launch to keep your ball rolling on the green.”

When I tested this putter out, the results were clear to see. I’m someone who likes to use a line on my golf ball to ensure I get my alignment correct. This also helps me to see if my ball is rolling as I would like it to be. When testing out both the Cobra 3D range and Cobra Vintage range, I found that my ball was immediately rolling end over end towards its target.

No matter who you are, that’s something you want from your putter.

For more information on Cobra Golf, including this range of putters and the latest additions to the Cobra Darkspeed range, click here.

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