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Nike Golf offer three distinct grinds on wedges that offer increased precision

Building on the success of its VR Pro Forged wedges, Nike Golf has introduced the highly crafted VR Forged wedges that are available in three separate grinds, allowing them to take on all conditions.

The VR Forged wedge family was made in conjunction with tour pros and delivers better consistency and more feel that ever before while still featuring Nike’s X3 grooves. The family boasts three distinct sole grinds to ensure they deliver on performance and give the ideal set-up from anywhere on the course.

The standard grind is the most versatile profile that is suitable in all conditions. Inspired by Tiger Woods, it allows you to find the right face position without having to open the face. The dual narrow grind wedge features a narrow sole width with a higher bounce angle and more relief at the heel while the dual wide grind has been designed to help you get the ball up in the air with ease.

Created in conjunction with Nike’s European Tour players, who often face very wet conditions and heavy morning dew, it is the easiest of the three soles to play from anywhere around the green. It also allows you to be more accurate from the bunker while remaining clinical from narrow lies.

Like the VR Pro forged wedges, these feature high-frequency X3X grooves with a precision pattern that adds three times the surface texture than there is on conventional finished faces, helping create more control and consistency in all conditions.

Available now, you can find out more information on the VR Forged wedge family and all other Nike Golf products by visiting



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