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The once eminent brand of Penfold has released an updated version of its most famous product, the Penfold Heart golf ball.

Albert Ernest Penfold founded Penfold golf 93 years ago. He resigned from his position designing golf balls for Dunlop so he could go into business for himself, with the ambition of creating the finest performance golf equipment.

The company’s golf balls were an instant hit, selling well both in the UK and abroad.

On February 17, 1941, Albert was on his way back to the UK from a business trip in the United States when he was lost at sea aboard the MV Siamese Prince, after it was torpedoed by a German U-Boat off the coast of Ireland.

Despite the devastating loss of its founder, the company continued to prosper in the post-war years.

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Its biggest success was as a result of a certain fictitious secret agent playing the brand’s signature ‘Heart’ golf ball on the silver screen.

We’re talking, of course, about the famous scene in the movie Goldfinger where Sean Connery’s James Bond outwits his villainous opponent on the 18th green to win their high stakes match

James Bond Penfold

The movie’s 1964 release and suave Bond endorsement ignited huge demand for the Penfold balls across the globe. It was to be an early example of the power of Bond product placement.

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Although the brand’s popularity has waned since the swinging sixties, it is still on the go today, selling classically styled golf apparel, and, it has just unveiled an all-new version of the iconic Heart ball.

Penfold Balls 4

This updated model for 2020 is a 3-piece construction that Penfold claims delivers both longer distance and softer feel.

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The large Dynamic Core is a rubber compound that provides high resilience at impact to boost your distance off the tee.

Penfold Balls 2

The middle layer is crafted from a Dupont Ionomer resin compound to enhance feel and performance around the greens, while the cover boasts a 332 multi-sized dimple design to produce the high launch angle and high flying trajectory.

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The new Procyber cover material is a very thin and soft Ionomer resin, with Penfold claiming this delivers more greenside spin and control, along with vastly improved durability.

If you fancy playing with James Bond’s balls, so to speak, a box of a dozen will set you back £25.

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