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Think that the best players in the world all prefer to use traditional, blade-headed putters? Guess again. Research has shown that as many as half of the golfers on the PGA Tour use over-sized, ‘mallet’ heads – and that demand is part of the reason behind the latest release from Scotty Cameron.

The master craftsman has unveiled his new Futura X5, pictured above, and X5R putters, designed to deliver the two main performance benefits that the game’s leading players demand: performance and stability.

These are achieved advanced perimeter weighting with solid, forgiving feel, and vertical and horizontal sightlines for easier alignment.

The multi-material construction with a modern, wing back design, meanwhile, provides high MOI performance in a refined shape.

“We worked with many players on tour and in the Putter Studio during the development of X5.” – Scotty Cameron

Cameron explained: “The Futura X5 mallet is for someone who likes the stability of a bigger head, the feel of a bigger grip, and likes to look down and see more lines for alignment purposes. X5 is more of a mechanical shape where the X5R is a softer, rounder shape. There’s no right or wrong; same performance, same weight, same feel. It all depends on what you like to look at.”

Acknowledging the demand from players on tour for more mallets, Cameron added: “The size of the head is larger so it looks and feels more stable on the ground. The bigger the head, the more lines you can add for alignment. We worked with many players on tour and in the Putter Studio during the development of X5 and they all told us the same thing: it adds confidence.”

Futura X5R

An interesting characteristic of the Futura X5 and X5R, pictured above, putters is the new single bend shaft, with a higher bend point that produces a true face-balanced configuration.

“The single bend came from taking feedback from the tour and working with players in the Studio,” added Cameron. “Double bends have been around for years and for X5 we really wanted to clean up the look.

“We had many players say they wished that the shaft leaned at their target or on their line, so we worked to find the proper offset and lean of the shaft so, at address, the bend lines up, pointing at your target.”

The larger, mallet head designs of Futura X5 and X5R also work in harmony with the ten-inch Matador Red Midsize grip. The grip, weighing 77 grams, feels great and promotes a more stable stroke.

“The grip can complement or kill the design of the putter,” Scotty Cameron said. “I know that sounds strange, but grips make a difference. With blades, it’s a little more ‘handsy’, a little more flowing, a little more feel. With Futura X putters, it’s a little more robotic, a little more square-to-square and this larger Matador grip complements the head very well.”

The X5 and X5R join the Futura X – released just over a year ago and designed with input from former Masters champion Adam Scott – to form Cameron’s highest MOI range of putters and what he calls the ‘most futuristic, most high-tech’ of his three putter lines.

Scotty Cameron :: Futura X5 and X5R putters

Futura X5 putters are available worldwide from October 31 through Titleist authorised golf shops, priced at £279. A dual balanced version of the X5 will also be available, priced at £320.

For more information and full product specs on these new Scotty Cameron putters, log-on to


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