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Well this is something a little bit different from TaylorMade.

Following on from a successful introduction to the US market last year, TaylorMade has decided to upgrade its unique, high-visibility pix golf ball with the help of Rickie Fowler.  

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The second generation TP5 and TP5x pix, with their advanced visual technology, brings enhanced visibility and alignment to TaylorMade’s premium ball line and now golfers around the globe will be able to get their hands on them.

Tm Tp5 Pix 2

Fowler is regarded as one of the best putters on the PGA Tour and his insights proved invaluable in the creation of pix mark two.

Over the course of a year, TaylorMade worked with him to develop a golf ball that reflects his swagger and meets the performance demands of competing at the highest level.

“The pix graphics give you a precise focal point to work with. When we started developing the new design, one of my first comments was if we didn’t have the full TaylorMade logo in two places, we would have space to create a path that works for alignment and feedback,” said Fowler.

Tm Tp5 Pix 3

Fowler prefers to draw a line on his golf ball to help him align putts on the green.

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The previous generation of pix made that virtually impossible.

Inspired by Fowler’s insights, TaylorMade uniquely positioned a single TaylorMade logo and aligned it perfectly with that TP5/TP5x stamp to form a natural pathway through the centre of the ball.

Tm Tp5 Pix 4

Twelve strategically placed multi-colour graphics frame the single TaylorMade logo and TP5/TP5x stamp to form the company’s new ClearPath Alignment.


ClearPath not only helps with alignment, but it provides immediate feedback on the quality of the roll. On a well-struck putt where the ball is rolling end-over-end, you can see a clearing in the middle of ball, which lets you know if you’ve started the ball on your intended line and quality of the putt.

So if you are looking for a tour quality golf ball that looks a little quirky and will help you hole more putts on the green then pix should be on your wish list.

Available: February 28

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