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Played by more than 300 Tour players worldwide, KBS offers 30 different shafts through the golf bag, including 18 iron options featuring different weights and flexes, but the all-new Players Graphite Iron (PGI) could be its most revolutionary yet. 

This innovative shaft has been engineered to challenge the conventional view that graphite shafts are best suited to slower swing speed golfers.

The KBS team believe that the PGI offers golfers of all abilities, from junior to the elite level, performance benefits that can measure up to similar steel shaft options.

The key to unlocking this new dimension of performance in graphite iron shafts was the introduction of a new technology.

“The new graphite wrap technology incorporated in the PGI shaft eliminates the variables for more consistency and shot control, while providing the same optimal tight tolerances and dispersion as the pioneering KBS Tour Steel shaft in a lighter weight that makes it easier to swing,” said Director of R&D and master shaft-maker Kim Braly.

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“Lower handicappers will notice the playability immediately, due to the steel-like performance in a graphite shaft. But the new shaft it isn’t limited to that category of golfer. A shaft that boasts a mid to high launch and spin is for anyone from beginner to the elite player, which is the beauty of working with graphite and being able to fit different characteristics within a shaft that provides unmatched shot making and control.”

The new KBS PGI comes in weights ranging in 10-gram increments from 50 to 100 grams with coinciding differentiating flex patterns.

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KBS claim that the PGI will provide the same tight dispersion as every other KBS golf shaft in its category, to go along with a dynamic mid-kick point reaction per shaft that gives you roughly a 5% better trajectory; 5% more control; and 5% more distance than any other graphite iron shaft on the market.

Some rather bold claims

The PGI also has the same frequency (4.0) as most of its steel predecessors and could change the way a club fitter conducts a fitting.

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“This innovation makes KBS the first in the industry to allow the fitter to choose Hi/Mid/Low flight patterns at the same initial frequency – the biggest variable for club and shaft fitting – and the PGI iron shaft can eliminate the inconsistencies that come with fitting graphite shafts completely,” added Braly.

More info:
Price: approx. £65-70

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