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Titleist C16

It’s official. Titleist is releasing a new driver and set of irons in ‘the most restricted new club launch from a major equipment manufacturer in recent memory’. Its name? Titleist C16.

Labelled as ‘the best performing clubs the company has ever made’, Titleist’s new Concept clubs won’t be available in stores and won’t be used on the PGA Tour. In fact, only a select few golfers will ever get to play them as Titleist has only made 1,500 C16 drivers (priced at $1,000) and just 1,000 sets of C16 irons (priced at $3,000).

Some early reports had suggested this release might be a knee-jerk reaction to PXG’s high price point clubs, but we are reliably informed that the focus of these clubs is to test out the technologies rather than to target golfers at the top end of the market.

Despite their high cost and limited availability, they’re expected to sell quickly.

Titleist C16 driver

Titleist C16 driver

According to reports from, the Titleist C16 driver uses an extremely thin crown and is laser welded because Titleist wanted to remove as much weight from the top of the club as possible.

The extra weight can be found in the biggest new piece of technology in the Titleist C16 driver – the SureFit CG, Titleist’s very first adjustable-weight technology.

It comes in the form of a uniquely weighted bar that is installed diagonally through the clubhead to give a neutral, draw or fade bias. Each driver comes with three bars so you can select the best one for your game.

Steve Pelisek, general manager of Titleist golf clubs, told the C16 ‘is about six yards longer than driver’ and when you go through the fitting process, that distance increase goes from six to ten yards.
Titleist C16 irons

Titleist C16 irons

Normally as irons get smaller, they are less forgiving and don’t go as far. In Titleist’s testing of 4-irons, however, the C16 irons carried an average of eight yards farther than Titleist’s current AP1 irons despite having the same lofts.

Titleist has achieved that by installing ‘forged K301 cup faces’ that allows them to get ball speeds to the very edge of the R&A/USGA limit. The irons also have a lightweight chassis that meant Titleist could use twice the amount of tungsten as it does in the AP1 irons, improving forgiveness.

Finally, the C16 irons feature SureFit grips, which allow 20g of weight to be added above the shaft or below the grip to improve performance.

Titleist C16(3)

Are they available in the UK?

Sadly not. That’s not to say there’s not a chance they will be in the future, but this time around, the Titleist C16 clubs are only available in the US.

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