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When you think of golf ball brands there is always one names that stands out. That name is Titleist. Although the Pro V1 is their flagship golf ball model, other contenders are out there and one of them is the AVX. That's why we've put them head-to-head.

Titleist, the No.1 ball in golf, continues to make the most played ball on professional tours, but they design several golf balls, all aimed at players with different needs in different price ranges.

Choosing a ball can be difficult and comparing it to other options can also be hard. The last thing you want to have to do is buy two boxes of different balls and put them up against each other. That could get pretty expensive, pretty quickly.

However, we have put two of Titleist's best options and put them head-to-head, to see which one you should be opting for. Let's see how the Titleist Pro V1 and the new Titleist AVX compare to each other.

Head-to-Head: Titleist Pro V1 v Titleist AVX

Credit: Titleist
Titleist Pro V1 image
Titleist Pro V1
Mid-flight trajectory, maximum short game spin and soft feel. 


  • A high-flex casing layer adds speed and lowers long game spin on full shots 
  • The soft cast urethane cover delivers excellent greenside spin 
  • A high gradient core acts as a central engine for high speed and lower long game spin
  • A spherically-tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design delivers a penetrating and consistent flight


  • None
Available for £50 per dozen from Titleist

The Titleist Pro V1 is the golf ball of choice for the majority of professional golfers. That in itself tells a story.

There are a multitude of reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the greenside control you see from this ball. The soft feel you experience around the greens, as well as being able to control spin on those short shots makes this a real hit with better players. From the shorter yardages you are able to flight shots and generate a lot of spin to have that one hop and stop control. The spin that you see around the green is down to the soft urethane cover, which is also very durable. 

Of course, it needs to perform before it reaches the green and the Pro V1 certainly does that. The trajectory you get in the irons is a mid-flight with great control and with the driver you get that low spinning mid-flight. This helps to produce high ball speed, that is also aided by the high gradient core that combined, with high flex casing delivers lower spin on those longer shots. That penetrating ball flight is also helped by the tetrahedral dimple design. Don't think dimples are that important? This will prove you wrong!
There are other options in the Pro V1, range including the Pro V1x and Pro V1x-. The Pro V1x is a higher flight and higher spinning ball and the Pro V1x- sits in between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x delivering a mid to high flight in a higher compression and firmer feeling ball. 

As we can see, this is a top quality option, but what about a slightly cheaper ball offering from Titleist?

Credit: Titleist
Titleist AVX image
Titleist AVX
Low launching, low spinning, with great greenside control. This is the brand-new AVX.


  • New large high-speed, high-gradient core for longer distance 
  • New proprietary urethane cover for improved short game control 
  • New aerodynamic dimple pattern delivers a more piercing ball flight 
  • Thin high-flex casing layer lowers spin on long game shots 


  • None
Available for £42 per dozen from Titleist

The new Titleist AVX golf ball has had a full upgrade compared to its previous generation. We loved the old AVX but trust us when we say that this model is going to produce even more great shots on the course.

This is going to be very popular, not only for its distance but also the spin that this ball allows around the greens. The 2024 Titleist AVX’s new proprietary urethane cover is what is giving you more spin and control around the green than the previous AVX ball. Not only that, but you're going to be playing a ball with a lower flight and lower trajectory, thanks to a new aerodynamic dimple design. It might not seem like much, but again, dimples are very important in a golf ball. They make a difference here, too.

The distance in the longer irons and driver is down to a new, large, high-speed, high-gradient core. Combine that with a high flex casing layer and you get a low-launching and low-spinning ball, which is going to give you great distance with driver.

Of course, the Titleist AVX is also £8 cheaper than the Pro V1 per dozen, and that's a big difference. So which one should you be sticking on the first tee this year?


Titleist design their golf balls with a 'Green first, Tee second' philosophy. They want to make sure you have the right ball around the greens, from the fairway and then from the tee. In my eyes, around the green is where the Pro V1 really stands out. It’s soft, it spins a lot, and the control you get from it is brilliant.

The Titleist AVX is firmer in feel, but still has good spin and control, but a little bit less than the Pro V1. From shorter distances you can fight both balls with launch being fairly similar to each other. I think you'd be surprised by the spin numbers, as with a smooth wedge shot, I really found that the spin rates were fairly similar from the Pro V1 to the AVX.

Aside from feel and greenside spin, there is a big difference in launch and flight going into the scoring irons. With the Pro V1, you get a mid-flight with low spin. With the AVX you'll find a more penetrating flight with lower spin and this is reflected in the driver too.

One thing you will see is both golf balls are long in distance and fast from the face, especially with the driver. The AVX is lower spinning but you still see some impressive numbers, while the Pro V1 is very long with that softer feel and sound.

If you already hit the ball high with the driver and your irons and you want to bring the launch down, the AVX will be a great option for you. If you have a fast-swing speed, it’s a great option as it is the lowest spinning option, which can help keep the longer clubs under control. Low-launching, low-spinning, with great spin and control from shorter distances. The AVX truly is impressive and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

The Pro V1 is amazing. If you want more spin and feel around the greens, this will be a great option to play. From shorter yardages and approaches, you can have complete control, while being able to flight shots and hopefully attack more pins. If a mid-flight is what you need, then I'd really recommend the Pro V1. Whether you want to bring a low launch up, or take a high launch down, this will allow you to do both. That workability around the greens, as well as the fast speeds, makes the Pro V1 a cracking option.

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