Review: Titleist AVX golf balls (2024)

Re-engineered from core to cover for more distance, more greenside control, and softer feel.

Who are they for?

Golfers who want a lower flying, lower spinning, and softer feeling performance option in the Titleist range.

bunkered rating


  • High performing balls at a mid-price point
  • It's the AVX - but better


  • Not for golfers who want a higher ball flight

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Titleist AVX golf balls review

Titleist has upgraded its AVX, Tour Soft and Trufeel golf balls for 2024, with the former coming in at the slightly higher price point. Here’s what we know…

The First Look

It’s a Titleist golf ball – what more do you need to know? Everything from the logo to the box on the shelf is instantly recognisable. The brand has also kept the “high optic” yellow option for those that like a bit of colour in their life.

The 2024 AVX will stand out on the shelf in its traditional green. (Credit: Titleist) |

The 2024 AVX in white. (Credit: Titleist) |

The 2024 AVX in yellow. (Credit: Titleist) |

The 2024 AVX features a new high gradient, high speed core design. (Credit: Titleist) |

The Tech

Titleist says the next generation of its AVX golf balls has been “re-engineered from core to cover to increase performance on every shot, delivering longer distance tee to green, more greenside spin and control and even softer feel”.

The new AVX, the brand adds, “builds upon its unique combination of exceptional distance and extraordinary feel through advancements to every layer of the golf ball”.

A new high gradient, high speed core “delivers longer tee-to-green distance and exceptionally soft feel”. This, Titleist says, is the same high gradient core technology found in Pro V1 and Pro V1x, which helps reduce long game spin without sacrificing greenside spin and control.

“When we talk about the gradient of the core, we’re talking about stiffness as it radiates from the centre of the core to the outermost layers of that core. With AVX’s core reformulated for a higher gradient, we’re able to give golfers more of that low spin and long distance with their long irons and hybrids, which is hugely important to the AVX player.”

– Mike Madson (President, Titleist golf ball R&D)

A new thin, high-flex casing layer “reduces excess spin on long game shots”, while a new softer urethane cover “delivers increased spin and stopping power with the scoring clubs” which means “interactions between the core, casing layer and cover give Titleist engineers the ability to manage spin numbers optimally throughout the bag”.

“With three-piece construction golf balls, one of the real benefits is the hard-over-soft and soft-over-hard relationships which allow us to control spin in various aspects of the game. For example, when there is a very high-speed impact condition, the cover is going to play less of a role during that collision. Most of what is interacting with the club face is that stiff casing layer and that soft core, which is a hard-over-soft relationship. When you have hard-over-soft, it drives spin down. Conversely, on shots around the green, the impact with a wedge is a lower speed collision or more of a glancing blow where the interaction is primarily between the cover and the casing layer. When you have that soft cover over that stiff casing layer, that soft-over-hard relationship drives spin up. This helps give AVX golfers the distance they enjoy at the top end of their bags as well as the greenside spin they seek with their wedges.”

– Mike Madson (President, Titleist golf ball R&D)

Elsewhere, the aerodynamics are optimised with a new 346-quadrilateral dipyramid catenary dimple design which “provides the new AVX with a piercing trajectory and helps golfers hit their preferred low flight window”. This also helps maintain AVX’s separation between Pro V1 as the lowest-flying urethane offering in the Titleist golf ball family.

Relative to Titleist’s flagship golf balls, the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, the new AVX maintains its positioning as the lower flying, lower spinning, and softer feeling performance option.

“When we ask golfers what they want more of, the answer is usually greenside spin. The new AVX is unique because not only were we able to give golfers more spin and control around the greens, but we were also able to improve on AVX’s strengths. Golfers are going to find the new AVX is a better golf ball across all performance attributes while still staying true to its original long and soft identity in the Titleist line-up.”

– Jeremy Stone (VP, Titleist golf ball marketing)

The bunkered Verdict

We’re yet to take these out on the golf course, but it’s a Titleist golf ball, so we already know it’s going to deliver on its promises. Stay tuned for more!

Titleist AVX golf balls 2024
The 2024 AVX model is designed to be longer off the tee. (Credit: Titleist)

The Details

RRP: £42 per dozen
On sale: February 2

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