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Knowing how far you have to the hole is an essential part of playing your best golf. If you want an exact number, the easiest way to get that, is through using a rangefinder. Here's our list of the best golf rangefinders 2024 has to offer.

Some players might use a GPS, but if you’re someone who likes an exact number to the pin, then a rangefinder is by far the best way. This can be particularly useful if you play somewhere with very large greens, where the difference between a pin being at the front or back of the putting surface could be two or three clubs.

Another great point about using a rangefinder, is that you don’t need to wear a watch to get a GPS yardage, something that a lot of players aren’t keen on.

Instead, a rangefinder allows you to quickly and easily get a yardage to the pin, no matter where you are on the course. It can also allow you to shoot the distance to any trees or hazards that you might encounter on the course. They really are very useful gadgets to have for a golfer.

If you're looking for a product that is brand-new for 2024, then you'll find one in this list and that's the Shot Scope PRO ZR. It's available to buy right now and with a new hardshell casing, is going to last you a long time on the course.

Best golf rangefinders 2024

As you would expect, there are loads of options for rangefinders in 2024, here’s a list of some of the best you can buy this year.

Credit: Blue Tees
Blue Tees 3 Max image
Blue Tees 3 Max
A great value option from a lesser-known brand. Looks the part, too.


  • Slope technology is easy to turn on and off
  • Excellent value for money
  • Very easy to use and looks nice and premium


  • The carry case could be stronger, but many will simply use the magnetic strip instead
Available for £199.99 from Blue Tees

If you want value for money, then you can do a lot worse than the Blue Tees 3 Max. This is a nifty looking bit of kit that won’t break the bank, and does exactly what you need a rangefinder to do.  
It comes in three colour options, and we particularly loved the navy that we tested.  
While this might not have the bells and whistles of some of the others on our list, this does everything you need it to do, including offering slope readings. We found it was really easy to turn the slope function on and off when required, without being likely to switch on when you didn't need it.
The only slight gripe is with the case, which can come undone fairly easily, especially if you’re carrying your bag.

Credit: Bushnell
Bushnell Tour V6 image
Bushnell Tour V6
Bushnell rangefinders dominate on tour and it's easy to see why


  • Range of 1,300 yards is longer than you'll ever need
  • Satisfying Bushnell Jolt when you select the pin
  • Super premium feel inspires confidence


  • Not the best looking on the list, but that's purely subjective
Available for £329 from Bushnell

There’s a reason you see Bushnell devices on the side of tour player’s golf bags, and we could have included several of their products in this list.  
We opted for the V6 as it’s going to give you the most consistent and accurate readings from any Bushnell rangefinder on the market.  
The addition of a red circle that flashes when you pick up your target, along with the usual jolt that you feel from a Bushnell, is going to give you extra assurance that you’ve selected the pin. 
There’s a good reason these are popular on tour. 

Credit: Garmin
Garmin Approach Z82 image
Garmin Approach Z82
About the closest thing you can get to a caddie walking around the course with you


  • All the features you could possibly need
  • Premium quality
  • Hole view will appeal to lots of players


  • A lot of features not able to be used in competition
Available for £479.99 from Garmin

Certainly a premium option from Garmin and one that shouldn’t be ignored.  
This comes with features such as wind speed information, hazard view to find distances to bunkers and penalty areas and even maps of the hole are displayed.  
This is a very premium product, and a lot of these innovations won’t be legal for tournament play, however, if you want something that will tell you everything you need to know and more, this could be for you. 

Credit: GolfBuddy
GolfBuddy best rangefinders 2024
GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2
A fantastic and affordable rangefinder option.


  • Very easy to use straight from the box
  • Easy to read slope measurements alongside non-adjusted numbers
  • Carry case is very good


  • Some might prefer a larger device for stability in their hands
Available for £129 from GolfBuddy

A small but mighty entry in this list is the GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2. It’s easily one of the most user-friendly and compact rangefinders you’ll find, which is exactly what GolfBuddy wanted to create.
The GolfBuddy features slope, which can be easily turned off, but I found that the feature was very useful and easy to see the adjusted number along the actual yardage in the viewfinder. I also found the vibration when aiming at the pin was very useful, something you’re going to feel a benefit from, particularly if you play a course with trees behind the green.  

There’s no doubt that this is one of the best value rangefinders on the market, while doing exactly what it says on the tin. If that’s what you want from your rangefinder, then you’ll enjoy this. 

Credit: Nikon
Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized image
Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized
You know you're getting a top quality bit of kit from Nikon


  • Great if you have shaky hands on the course
  • Premium display is to be expected
  • Very straightforward to use


  • Quality comes at a cost
Available for £489 from Nikon

It’s no surprise that the camera company has an impressive line of rangefinders, and the Coolshot range has always been a hit with golfers.  
This is a great option if you’re someone with unsteady hands, as the Coolshot is great at latching onto the flag if it’s in the viewfinder. That view you’ll get is very crisp, as you would expect from a Nikon.  
A very compact and easy to hold rangefinder too, which will appeal to plenty players. 

Credit: Shot Scope
Shot Scope PRO L2 image
Shot Scope PRO L2
A reliable option from Shot Scope that presents fantastic value for money


  • Free access to the Shot Scope app
  • Premium build quality
  • Accurate yardages without any fuss, for a bargain price


  • At this price point, it's very hard to fault
Available for £149.99 from Shot Scope

Shot Scope has a wide range of products that will cater to anyone and we’re big fans of their rangefinders. First up is the PRO L2 and this will appeal to players who simply want to know how far they have to the pin.  
Usually, golfers will need to fork out a large sum of money if they want something reliable, or opt to get a cheap, unreliable rangefinder. That’s really not the case with the PRO L2, which is fantastic value for money and will stand up to the elements without an issue. Also comes with Shot Scope’s Adaptive Slope Technology, which is a big plus at this price point. 

Credit: Shot Scope
Shot Scope PRO LX+ image
Shot Scope PRO LX+
A rangefinder that does everything you could possibly need on the course


  • Rangefinder alone is a great bit of kit
  • H4 is easy to use and shows distances to hazards and points on the green
  • Allows for easy shot tracking with tags in your grips


  • You'll need to charge the H4 after each round, but it's a small price to pay for top quality
Available for £349.99 from Shot Scope

Shot Scope’s premium option, and a rangefinder I’ve used for the last two years on the course. It offers everything you would expect from a traditional rangefinder, as well as GPS capabilities. What really makes this special though, is the ability to track your stats through Shot Scope’s dedicated app.  
It’s very easy to set up the PROLX+ to track your shots on the course and once you get started with this, you’ll probably not look back. The H4, that attaches to your rangefinder, will also give you GPS distances to the green, as well as to hazards on the course.
If you want a rangefinder that does pretty much everything for you, then look no further. 
• Shot Scope PRO LX+ review

Credit: Shot Scope
Shot Scope PRO ZR image
Shot Scope PRO ZR
A new addition to Shot Scope's impressive line-up for 2024


  • New hard casing will provide durability and peace of mind
  • Rapid-fire detection tech will provide quick response times
  • Free access to the Shot Scope app


  • We're yet to find one
Available for £299.99 from Shot Scope

A brand-new option from Shot Scope. The PRO ZR is a rangefinder that is premium, precise and powerful.  
This product is equipped with a DuraShield Hardshell, which is going to ensure this rangefinder will last as long as you need it, no matter what the elements throw at it. I've taken this rangefinder out on the golf course and I'm a big fan.
In the past, I've used a Shot Scope PRO LX+, which I love, but I can see some subtle but important improvements in the PRO ZR.
Firstly, the improved rapid-fire detection system really helps the laser lock onto the pin. Even on busy backgrounds, it was virtually impossible not to get the flag in your sights.
As well as that, there is no chance that you'll accidentally turn the slope feature on. If you play competitive golf, you'll know how important this is.
Also, it really is clear that this rangefinder is built to last. I'd have no doubt that in several years' time I could still be using this rangefinder on the golf course.
As with every Shot Scope product, you get access to the Shot Scope app, so you can easily track your stats from the course.

Credit: Zoom
Zoom Oled Pro image
Zoom Oled Pro
An easy to use, feature packed option you might not be familiar with


  • Out of the box ease of use
  • Easy to switch between slope and tournament mode
  • Super clear display with precise numbers


  • Looks won't be for everyone
Available for £299 from Zoom

A name you might not be familiar with, but this is a product that impressed us. The Zoom Oled Pro sits very nicely in your hand, and the slope button on the side is unlikely to be accidentally turned on or off.  
This has an extremely sharp optic and that’s a big plus point. It really elevates how you see the hole, and you’ll get a great visual of the green even if you’re a long way away.  
The display also features yardages with a decimal point, if you really do want to get precise.  

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