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If you're looking to get more distance out of your golf ball you've come to the right place.

If you want a ball that delivers the most distance possible, then this list is going to cater for you. All the golf balls here have been designed to deliver the longest drives possible.

Of course, any golf ball that is designed purely for distance will sacrifice in other areas, but for some, that isn't a problem. If that's you, then keep reading.

Credit: Bridgestone
Bridgestone E9 image
Bridgestone E9
It says Long Drive on the box, so you know exactly what you're getting with this!


  • 330 dimple pattern design for high launch and longer carry 
  • Extreme gradational core generates more ball speed with low spin for greater distance. 
  • Softer in the centre and firmer toward the exterior 


  • Isn’t the softest around the greens 
Available for £26.99 from Bridgestone

The Bridgestone E9 is used by the fastest and longest hitters on the planet on the World Long Drive Tour. This ball has one purpose and that is to go far. 
This two-piece ball has a 330-dimple pattern design, which is aerodynamically very impressive. It flies very true through the air and stays straight with brilliant speed and distance. The ball has been constructed with an extreme gradational core that is engineered to be softer in the centre and firmer toward the exterior. This generates more ball speed off the driver, with low spin for greater distance performance. 
It is firm in feel but softer in the core which does deliver the distance, but it doesn’t spin a huge amount around the greens.  
A great ball that’s firm, fast and delivers impressive distances off the tee. 

Credit: Callaway
Callaway Warbird 2.0 image
Callaway Warbird 2.0
Ideal if you want longer carry and more distance


  • High launching for longer carry
  • Low spinning for straighter drives
  • Two-piece construction with an extra-large, high-energy core for explosive distance


  • Not as soft as a Chrome Soft
Available for £20.99 from Callaway

The new and improved Warbird is a classic distance ball from Callaway that delivers the goods off the tee. It’s firm in feel, launches high and spins low which is a winning combo for more distance. 
This Warbird 2.0 uses a two-piece construction with an extra-large, high-energy core delivering distance with a high launch. Suitable for golfers of all swing speeds and ideal for golfers who struggle to get the ball launching higher. It won’t spin a great deal around the green but that’s the trade-off when distance is priority. 
High-launching, low-spinning, ideal for golfers wanting to get more yardage and perfect for high handicappers who need help getting the ball in the air. 

Credit: Pinnacle
Pinnacle Rush image
Pinnacle Rush
A great choice if you're looking for consistent flight and distance


  • 332 dimple design delivers consistent ball
  • Low spin and high launch for longer shots
  • Firm in feel and crisp in sound


  • You won't have as much control around the greens as you do off the tee.
Available for £18.99 from Pinnacle

When you hear the name Pinnacle you know exactly what the ball is going to feel like and what it’s going to do. 
The Pinnacle Rush is solid in feel off the club and low in spin. On approach shots there’s not a huge amount of spin and very little around the green but that would steer away from the intention of this ball. With 332 dimples in a durable ionomer cover the ball delivers a consistent, powerful ball flight that is going to really help you gain yards. 
If you’re just looking for distance and aren’t fussed about much greenside spin then the Pinnacle Rush could be for you. It's very affordable too, which is great.

Credit: Srixon
Srixon Distance
Srixon Distance
A great all round option that delivers great distance


  • 324 dimples design reduces drag through the air
  • Great feel from a softer core that get firmer when reaching the cover
  • High launch and low spin for better dispersion


  • Firm around the green but not as firm as other options
Available for £19.99 from Srixon

A Srixon Distance does exactly what it says on the package and is aerodynamically sound through the air. 
The 324 dimple pattern has fewer dimples than the previous generation which reduces the drag through the air and keeps the ball on line. The core is softer and progressively gets firmer which is what gives it great feel and distance. 
A distance ball with a soft feel and control around the greens, the Srixon distance is a great option. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Credit: TaylorMade
TaylorMade Distance+ image
TaylorMade Distance+
If you want a mid flight distance ball this could be a great option.


  • Mid launching ball flight
  • Aerodynamic 342-dimple pattern delivers straighter and longer drives
  • REACT Speed Core for faster speed of the clubface


  • Green side spin will be less in comparison to TaylorMade's premium balls
Available for £18.99 from TaylorMade

If you want a mid-launch ball that delivers distance, speed and feels good off putter check the TaylorMade Distance+ out. 
The TaylorMade Distance+ ball features REACT Speed Core and an aerodynamic 342-dimple pattern that reduces drag, high-velocity performance which jumps off the face. If you are wanting more control, it may not be quite right around the greens as won’t deliver the same greenside spin as a premium ball. With the alignment line on the side of the ball it’s a nice touch and it helps with putting.
Ideal if you’re looking for a longer mid-launching ball, that is aerodynamic and cuts through the wind. Another great value option.

Credit: Titleist
Titleist Velocity image
Titleist Velocity
Perfect if you want to see faster speed and distances.


  • High Speed LSX Core delivers fast speed
  • Fast NaZ+ cover delivers a higher launch
  • Low spin for straighter shots


  • Control and spin around the green will be firmer in feel
Available for £26.99 from Titleist

The No.1 ball in golf has a ball that is explosive in distance, delivers high speeds and is high launching, in the Titleist Velocity. 
The Velocity has been a brilliant ball especially with the tech that comes with it. It features a High Speed LSX Core, Fast NaZ+ Cover and a Spherically-Tiled 350 Octahedral Dimple Design. What you have is a two-piece ball that is firmer delivering faster speeds and a cover and dimple design which launches higher. It’s a really impressive ball especially in the long game but you won’t get the same control on the shorter approaches and chips around the greens as a premium ball like the Pro V1. 
If you’re looking for that low-spinning, high-flying ball you’ll get the impressive speed and explosive distance from the Titleist Velocity. .

Credit: Wilson
Wilson Ultra image
Wilson Ultra
One of the trailblazers when it comes to the distance golf ball market


  • 15 balls in a pack compared to the usual dozen
  • High compression and great dutability
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern for straighter flights


  • It's a common theme with distance balls but the spin around the greens is low
Available for £21.99 from Wilson

Regarded as an OG in the distance ball category, the Wilson Ultra is not only a brilliant distance ball but it’s great value for money. 
The Wilson Ultra features a high compression core and two-piece construction so you can get optimal distance with superb durability. The aerodynamic dimple patterning helps to stabilise the ball when moving through the air which allows for a straighter flight path. You will see that spin from shorter shots and chips it’s not going to be the best for control but when it comes to hitting it long off the tee it’s very good. 
So, if you want an affordable distance ball that is high in launch, low in spin and doesn’t move through the air as much then try the Wilson Ultra. 

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