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It’s that time of year when the top brands bring out their latest and greatest drivers and like always it’s tough to decide on which one to put in your bag for the new season. Whether it’s forgiveness, distance, launch, or dispersion I truly believe there is an option for every golfer. So what are the best golf drivers 2024 has to offer? Let's take a closer look. 

There has been plenty of hype over the 10K MOI drivers, but it's not just Ping and TaylorMade who are focusing on forgiveness this year. But there are some still keen to squeeze out those extra few yards, while others offer an all-round package. 

And with more and more Artificial Intelligence being incorporated into the latest technology, what we have on offer today is incredibly impressive. 

I've put the best golf drivers 2024 has to offer into a comprehensive video review, which you'll find at the bottom of the page - without spoiling anything, there are genuinely a couple of huge surprises - but before that let's remind ourselves of the contenders...

Best Golf Drivers 2024: The Contenders

Credit: Callaway
Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke image
Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke
Callaway has made huge changes to its headline driver. And it's paid off.


  • Four head options to choose from for golfers of all levels 
  • Faster ball speeds off the new Ai Smart Face 
  • Longer and straighter drives 
  • Forgiving across the whole face 


  • Aesthetics will not be to everyone's taste 
Available from £569 from Callaway 

We do this alphabetically, but where better to start the best drivers 2024 list?

The Ai Smoke Triple Diamond is a power house the the all-new Ai Smart Face. Now this has replaced the Jailbreak technology and delivers the same strength and stability but features mini sweet spots across the whole face. Now I don’t know about you but if you mishit the centre and find a sweet spot elsewhere that sounds like a good deal to me.  

The raw carbon crown finish look great and the sound and feel off the face is crisp. The impressive thing I found was on those mishits the distance and dispersion were impressive. The ball speeds only dipped a few mph on mishits which maintained the spin, kept dispersion tight and is was very straight of the tee. It’s great for the faster swing speeds looking giving you that low spinning head with fast ball speeds, this will be popular in tour. 
You have more options in the Ai Smoke Range in the Max which has the adjustable weighting to really dial in the centre of gravity in the head to suit your swing.

If you suffer from what we call a "power fade", then the draw-bias Max D model is the one for you. With a larget profile, a rear weight that stabilises the clubhead through the swing, and higher MOI, this is perfect for players wanting to straighten out those left-to-right shots. 
The Max Fast, meanwhile, is a high MOI model that features a generously stretched profile at address. The fixed hosel and rear weighting system make this perfect for senior players, or golfers with slower swing speeds. By far the easiest to launch.


Credit: Cobra
Cobra Darkspeed LS image
Cobra Darkspeed LS
Golfers that want speed and distance at a price that doesn’t break the bank.


  • These look absolutely stunning  in looks
  • Low spinning head is fast in speed and long
  • Aerodynamic technology really helps with speed  
  • Surprisingly forgiving  


  • Difficult to find a fault with this driver
Available for £425 from Cobra

Aerodynamics. That’s what it’s all about with the Cobra Darkspeed range. It certainly works in the Darkspeed LS driver. 
I'm a big fan of the Cobra Darkspeed LS driver it's long straight and it looks amazing. I didn’t think Aerojet could be topped but I couldn’t be more wrong. A lot of brands have gone with forgiveness as their big selling point this year but Cobra have stuck with speed and distance, and it definitely delivers on that front. 

Now, not surprisingly, it's faster and longer but they are also very forgiving as well. With refinements to PWR bridge weighting and the new aerodynamic shaping, weight has been saved to give you faster speeds. 
The forgiveness is great on mishits with the H.O.T Face and the distance you'll get is really impressive. I think the LS could potentially sneak into a few tour bags this year and in to many club golfers as well.

With three head options, the LS is low spinning, the X is easier to launch with more forgiveness and the Max is the most forgiving option with a draw bias to straighten out your ball flight. At the price point of £425 you get a lot more for your money here and if distance and speed is what you're chasing then you’ll want to try the Cobra Darkspeed drivers. 

Credit: Ping
Ping G430 MAX 10K image
Ping G430 MAX 10K
Forgiveness, distance and speed. The Ping G430 Max 10K has it all.  


  • New Carbon Fly Wrap allows weight to distributed better 
  • New thinner VFT face allows for higher ball speeds 
  • Explosive ball speeds, great distance and more forgiveness   
  • 10,000 MOI makes it super forgiving   


  • Turbulators might not suit everyone's eye 
Available for £599 from Ping

The Ping G430 driver was incredibly well received and the Max 10K upgrade is certainly looking to go the same way.  
This is up there with one of the best drivers I've hit this year. Let me tell you why. Its a larger profile at 460cc, which gives you that confidence setting up to the ball, and it sits perfectly square thanks to the new addition of the Carbon Fly Wrap on the crown, which is great contrast to the turbulators. 
Ah, the turbulators. Yes, they're still here. I know some of you don't like them but I think they look great and you just know you've got a Ping in your hands. As for feel, the G430 is solid off the VFT face, no matter where you strike it. It’s definitely loud, which some of you may not appreciate, but the speeds are impressive, as is the distance - especially on those mishits. he fixed weight at the back gives you a low CG and contributes to the perimeter weighting for that high MOI. 
With 10K MOI it's so forgiving, easy to launch and straight. In my opinion, this is a cheat code.  It does have a hefty price tag on it but if you want to life easier for yourself this the answer.

Credit: PXG
PXG Black Ops image
PXG Black Ops
Players who want a driver focussed on high launch and low spin, that looks great, too


  • Stunning and clean looking design  
  • Very forgiving thanks to the AMF technology  
  • Highest launching driver from PXG which will benefit almost everyone  
  • Standard model head will appeal to a wide range of golfers thanks to the adjustability  


Available for £549 from PXG

The new PXG Black Ops drivers surprised me. It’s easy to hit and it’s also very high launching but there is so much adjustability with this driver. 
The PXG Black Ops drivers has three weight ports, which can be adjusted to increase MOI and make these super forgiving. It has variable face technology, so you get great speeds off the face and on off centre strikes.

The carbon sole and crown is where they’ve been able to save weight and push more weight around the perimeter for higher MOI. With the adjustable weighting system, you can create a 10K MOI Black Ops head, if you really need to get that extra forgiveness. It look great feel great and it performs, it's a great all rounder.
The Black Ops drivers is great and I think most people will fit the standard option. But if you do have the faster speed and are looking for a lower spinning option, the then the Tour 1 will be great for you. 

Credit: Srixon
 Srixon ZX5 MKII image
 Srixon ZX5 MKII
A good alternative to those looking at the next level of brands. 


  • Rebound frame delivers faster ball speeds   
  • Star Frame delivers stability  
  • Variable face thickness delivers great speed across the face    
  • Three options to choose from in the range  


  • High MOI in the ZX5 but not as forgiving as other options
Available for £429 from Srixon

With major champions such as Brooks Koepka, Shane Lowry and Hideki Matsuyama in its team, Srixon are clearly doing something right.  

The ZX5 which is the most forgiving out of the three. If, like me, you’re not a major champion and you want a forgiving driver, the ZX5 MKII driver could be the club for you. 

This club head has a large, flattened footprint, which makes it easy to launch the ball high off the tee. In the head you’ll find the rebound frame, which allows the face to create very high ball speeds. Rather than just one flexing component, this driver has two, which combine to make a very fast club. If you’re looking for a driver that is focused on high launch with high forgiveness, this is a great place to look. 

It looks great behind the ball and the shape at address is inviting. The speeds and distances are good and its got great forgiveness and stability. It's a great all rounder and keeps up with the big brands.

The Srixon ZX5 may fly under the radar but it is a dark horse that is definitely worth trying.  There are three options to choose from, the ZX7 which is more compact in shape and ZX5 LS which is the low-spinning option.

Credit: TaylorMade
TaylorMade Qi10 Max  image
TaylorMade Qi10 Max 
Forgiveness. Forgiveness. Forgiveness. That's what you get with TaylorMade's Qi10.


  • New Blue Carbon Face Twist Face for straighter drives   
  • Infinity Carbon Crown is aesthetically pleasing on the eye   
  • Explosive ball speeds and more forgiveness   
  • 10,000 MOI


  • Acoustics won't be everyone's cup of tea  
Available for £499 from TaylorMade

There are three models in the TaylorMade Qi10 range, but the star attraction is the Max which is TaylorMade's most forgiving driver ever made. I might go as far as saying it's one of the most forgiving drivers I've ever hit.   
Thanks to its high MOI, it is remarkably stable throughout the swing and incredibly easy to launch. The one thing that stands out the most at first glance it is the Infinity Carbon Crown, which is clean and slick at address and, personally, I think if you like what you're looking down at then that’s half the battle won. 
It still has the brand's Twist Face technology but, in a complete change from its Stealth-branded predecessors, a blue carbon face. I'm a big fan of the new blue face and think the new Infinity Crown is going to appeal to a lot of golfers
The weight at the back of the clubhead, along with the perimeter weighting, contributes to the high MOI head design, but what surprised me the most is the speed and distance. Usually, with a more forgiving head, you’ll maybe sacrifice distance and speed for more forgiveness, but this packs a punch. 

If you are wanting something forgiving that gives you some more distance the TaylorMade Qi10 is a brilliant option. For higher swing speeds you’ll enjoy the LS with the adjustable track on the sole you can dial in shot shape.


Credit: Titleist
Titleist TSR 3 image
Titleist TSR 3
Aerodynamically sound combined with impressive distance and control


  • Aerodynamic shaping for fast club speed
  • Larger sweet spot for better distance and forgiveness
  • Adjustable CG track for better ball flight


  • n/a
Available for £525 from Titleist

One of the best looking drivers on the market, the Titleist TSR 3 is one of best option for those who want low spin with adjustibility. 
The Titleist TSR3 has that classic Titliest shape with an improved aerodynamic package, that cuts through the air, givinging you more club speed.

With a face made from aerospace-grade titanium, it’s designed to keep spin low and deliver faster ball speed. The VFT face is circular, which makes the sweet spot even bigger, and the adjustable CG track allows you to get the most out of the golf ball. 

I love it can see why this is so popular with tour players and every day golfers. It's look great, feel great and the numbers you see from it is impressive.

In 2023, this driver has been very popular on tour, and it’s no wonder. A great all-round performer for a high-level player and one of the best low-spinning drivers of 2023. 

With four options in total in the TSR range the bases are covered from the fastest of swing speeds to the slowest. 

Credit: Wilson
Wilson Dynapower Carbon image
Wilson Dynapower Carbon
The best value-for-money option by some distance.  


  • Great distance and speeds 
  • Ai designed face max distance and forgiveness across the face   
  • Deep CG for higher launch and increased MOI   
  • Low spinning  


Available for £399 from Wilson

A real star of the best drivers 2024 rundown.

Wilson gets overlooked a lot of the time and if you are one of those people who turns their nose up at the name you're missing out. Not only has Wilson come to play they have two models in the Dynapower range, the Carbon and the Dynapower Titanium, one low spinning and the other their most forgiving. 
Wilson are beginning to establish themselves as a key player in the golf club market and the Dynapower range is a large part of that. This is another club that has been designed with the help of AI, which has helped designers make the face the optimal thickness on each section of the club. Which gives you great speed and forgiveness across the face all for under £400.  
A club that features a clean design in both models, this driver will appeal to golfers of all abilities that are price-conscious, while still wanting great performance. 

Best Golf Drivers 2024: The Conclusion 

With the best golf drivers 2024 there are some standouts especially when it comes to forgiveness.

The two 10k MOI offerings from Ping and TaylorMade are the obvious contenders on this front, while the new AI face designs from Callaway is unrivalled. Titliest's driver stands up to the new models, particularly with the aerodynamics and explosive speeds, while Cobra has doubled down on their speed and distance package and it's paid off for them.

What about the so-called "best of the rest"? PXG continue to create solid performance with adjustability for every golfer, the Srixon range is very straight and easy to hit, and Wilson continue to push the boundaries at an incredibly friendly price point. 

Best Golf Drivers 2024: The Video

I headed down to GolfIt! in Glasgow armed with the eight drivers who made the shortlist and hit five shots with each, before taking an average number across each statistic.

You can watch my Best Golf Drivers 2024 video in the player below, or over on the bunkered YouTube channel.

Those numbers are staggering and the options available to golfers are genuinely better than they have ever been.

Best Golf Drivers 2024: The Numbers

Truthfully, none of the brands makes bad equipment any more. It’s largely about getting out there and trying them for yourselves. Get booked for you fittings, lower those handicaps, and happy hitting with the best golf drivers 2024.

How we picked

Performance Consistency

We meticulously evaluated each piece of equipment's performance across a number of variables.

Forgiveness and Playability

With golf clubs, our assessment always considered the versatility and forgiveness levels, especially on off-centre strikes.

Innovative Technology

We scrutinise the incorporation of innovative technology in each piece of equipment we review.


We consider factors like adjustable features and customisation options available to the buyer.

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