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We associate being custom-fit for equipment with our clubs – from drivers and irons to wedges and putters. But did you know you can also get a golf ball fitting? And it’s actually just as important. 

With any part of your equipment, it’s incredibly important to make sure you’re using what works for your game, so I went to the Titleist Performance Centre at Woburn Golf Club to find out how a golf ball fitting works.  

Now we all have a particular brand and model we prefer, and I am no different. Indeed, on the way to Woburn I was confident I knew the golf ball into which I’d be fit, but it turns out I was completely wrong. It was a surprise for me, and I’m sure it will be for you too – so stick around for that…

The golf ball fitting 

A Titleist ball fitting is actually carried out in reverse order and takes you through every shot from green to tee. This way, you start with the shots where the ball matters the most – getting it in or as close to the hole as possible – then you work your way back to the driver.

You will hit each shot with the whole Titleist range, from the various Pro V1 models all the way to the TruFeel – and what I found was really interesting. 

golf ball fitting
Our man James Tait goes through his Titleist golf ball fitting. (Credit: bunkered)

Starting at 75 yards I was getting a lower launch and more spin with the Pro V1 range, with the Pro V1x giving me the most spin. But with the TruSoft and TruFeel I got a higher launch with slightly less spin, and with the Velocity I got the highest launch but lower spin.

The ball that surprised me the most was the AVX. It’s softer in feel than the previous generation, but it has a similar launch and spin to the Pro V1, which just shows you how much difference the dimple patterns make to launch and spin. 

It was the full shots, however, where the biggest differences started to shine through.

I’ve always had a fast swing speed which has always caused me to hit it high with a lot of spin. With the Pro V1 the launch and spin rates were both high, but below the Pro V1x, while the Pro V1 Left Dash sat between them. But for me, what I needed was low spin and low launch, and the AVX delivered just that.

There was a difference in almost 1,500rpm between the AVX and the Pro V1, which is crazy to think, and with a lower ball flight it gave me the consistency I wanted in spin and distance control. 

With the big dog in my hand is where I was really surprised.

There wasn’t a huge difference across the range in terms of distance, spin and ball speed, but it was the launch in which this was noticeable.

So which ball was it?

At the start when I said I thought I knew which ball I would get fit into, well that was the Pro V1 Left Dash, because its higher compression will withstand my speed.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. It turns out the AVX is the ball I need, with a low-launching, low-spinning flight in the driver and irons, with optimal spin control on those partial shots. 

But what about you? What ball do you play? And is it the right one, I wonder. I couldn’t recommend a golf ball fitting more – because, like me, you’ll almost certainly find out you’ve been using the wrong model and not even know it. 

You can find out more about golf ball fitting on the Titleist website – and don’t forget to subscribe to the bunkered YouTube channel for the latest reviews!

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James Tait is bunkered’s Gear Editor. Want to know how the latest Callaway driver, Vokey wedge or Scotty Cameron putter performs? He’s the guy to ask. Better yet, just watch his videos on the bunkered YouTube channel. One of the biggest hitters in the UK, James also competes on the World Long Drive circuit and is a descendent of former Amateur champion Freddie Tait.

Gear Editor

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