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If you struggle to get the ball in the air or in play, check out what the newest most forgiving fairway woods 2024 has to offer. 

This year we have the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max D, Cobra Darkspeed Max, PXG Black Ops and the TaylorMade Qi10 Max. These models are very different in aesthetics and tech so which one is going to be the most forgiving option for you. 

We have oversized head shapes, we have draw biased options, high MOI, more forgiveness and easy to launch options. But as always which one should you pick? 

Let's dive in...

Credit: Callaway
Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max  image
Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max
Perfect for golfers who have previously struggled with fairway woods


  • Very easy to launch in the air  
  • Perfect for golfers who hit a slice  
  • Very fast ball speeds  
  • Ai Smart Face is very forgiving    


  • Blue and grey colour scheme won't be for everyone  
Available for £379 from Callaway

If you have a right to left slice or shape the Callaway Pardym AI Smoke Max D will straighten that out for you. It’s a great option if you’re looking to straighten out that cut and get the ball in the air with ease.  
The tech in the Max D fairway features a carbon chassis that has been refined to promote enhanced weight redistribution. It has 24g of total weight has been repositioned throughout the head. The new Ai Smart Face delivers forgiveness with mini sweet spots across the whole face which keeps ball speeds and delivers great distance. It has a 12g placed low-forward to give you a higher launch and lower spin, and 12g rearward for increased forgiveness and higher MOI.  
This looks great at address, builds your confidence and with Ai Smart Face you can expect great speeds and distances. Get ready for longer and straighter shots. 

Credit: Cobra
Cobra Darkspeed Max image
Cobra Darkspeed Max
These are great for players who wants a stunning looking, high-performing, easy to hit fairway wood.


  •  We're big fans of the blacked out finish  
  • Incredibly easy to launch the ball  
  • Several options of different head styles  
  • Mishits still perform very well, even from the deck 


  • Hard to fault
Available for £279 from Cobra

The Cobra Darkspeed MAX is Cobra most forgiving model in the Cobra Darkspeed line up. If you struggle to straighten out that left to right shape it’s designed for players that desire a higher a straighter flight in this draw bias design.   
Simililar to the Cobra Darkspeed Max driver, the fairway metal features an adjustable weight system with 12g and 3g weights positioned in the back and the heel of the sole to fine tune forgiveness and flight. The PWR-BRIDGE weighting and PWRSHELL H.O.T. FACE Technology deliver the fastest ball speed possible using low and forward weighting. This is further optimised with a variable thickness face design which is forgiving across the whole face to give you maximum forgiveness on mishits The carbon crown design saves weight and helps lower the CG location for higher launch. 
A great looking head, that’s fast in and easy to launch and a great option for high handicappers in 2024 wanting to straighten out their shot shape.  

Credit: PXG
PXG Black Ops image
PXG Black Ops
The PXG Black Ops will appeal to players who want a fairway wood that will launch the ball high


  • Just like the drivers, these are beautiful 
  • Confidence inspiring shape behind the ball 
  • Option of a 4-wood is great 
  • Launches high into the sky 


  • Only one shape, if you want something draw biased and super forgiving, you might want to look elsewhere 
Available for £319 from PXG

The PXG Black Ops fairway has smaller head size in comparison to other these other forgiving options. It’s more compact face shape and head it looks great with it’s gloss carbon crown finish. 
It has a lot of similarities which we have seen in the driver. The face is made with strength and durability in mind and it’s also 12.5% thinner than in the previous PXG model. This delivers a more flexible face design which produces faster ball speeds. With the flexibility across the face, it delivers more forgiveness, higher launch and lower spin. Just like the drivers you’ll find the Precision Weighting Technology, which means these clubs can be adjusted to suit your preference in shot shape. You essential can make a very high Moi fairway making it one of the most forgiving options. This is a big plus for someone looking for a forgiving option, as it can be adjusted to help you get the ball in the air more, or be set up for more draw bias. 
Looks great behind the ball with a more compact shape in comparison to other and you’ll have no problem getting the ball in the air. 

Credit: TaylorMade
TaylorMade Qi10 Max image
TaylorMade Qi10 Max
TaylorMade's option will provide you with great distance and forgiveness.


  • Dispersion is very consistent  
  • The larger 200cc head option in the Max is great  
  • Explosive ball speeds  
  • Packed full of forgiveness 


  • Larger head may not appeal to everyone 
Available for £309 from TaylorMade 

This is one of the biggest fairway woods I've seen and it’s great. This Qi10 Max fairway has a whopping a 200cc head which will make you feel like you can’t miss. Its confidence inspiring head is easy to launch which is down to its tech.  
It has been designed with extreme forgiveness and playability in mind. You can expect more stability at impact thanks to a shallower head shape. This allows for a high MOI design which delivers a higher launch and more forgiveness across the face. Mass pads which sit inside the club head have been designed for maximum forgiveness with the weight moved to the extreme low back, making this fairway wood easy to hit. With it having a low CG you can expect fast ball speeds and distances with high launch. 
Witha larger profile it will fill you with confidence, extremly forgiving and easy to get in the air. 

Most forgiving fairway woods 2024

You can watch the video in the player below, or over on the bunkered YouTube channel.


These fairway woods are great options if you are looking for forgiveness but aesthetically they will all suit everyone's eye differently.

We have the larger TaylorMade Qi10 Max head with its gloss carbon, the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max with a Raw carbon finish, PXG's Black Ops with a black carbon crown, and the Cobra Darkspeed with matte black carbon finish. 

The shaping is also different from one to the next. If you like something that is a bit more compact but still very forgiving, the Black Ops is perfect, and comes with the added bonus of its adjustability options. It's long, consistent, easy to hit and can be set to a neutral or draw bias setting.

The Darkspeed has a bit more draw bias than you would expect. It's also incredibly easy to get in the air, very fast off the face, and offers plenty of forgiveness thanks to the H.O.T. Face.

The Paradym Ai Smoke Max D looks great, feels great, and is a lot of fun to hit. It doesn't have as much draw bias as the Cobra but it’s high launching with great distance.

The Qi10 Max is big in size and high in MOI. It's very forgiving, very long, very straight, and great if you want a large head shape to help with your confidence.

These are four brilliant and incredibly forgiving options for mid to higher handicappers. 

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