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Regardless of what handicap you might be I think it's safe to say we can all appreciate a set of good-looking golf irons. 

A lot of us will never be able to play blade irons mainly because of their lack of forgiving tech in comparison to hollow body and cavity back designs.

But for the small percent of elite and precise ball strikers these irons will deliver incredible feel, workability and feedback.

Perhaps you're the type of golfer who frankly isn't that worried about performance, and simply wants something that looks stunning in your bag. If that's you, then you're in the right place too. 

No matter what category you fall into, we have some of the best looking irons for 2024. Just feast your eyes on these!

Best Looking Golf Irons 2024

Credit: Callaway
Callaway Apex MB
Callaway Apex MB
Ideal for elite level players and low handicappers, with a hint of forgiveness.


  • Pure forged performance for great workability
  • Progressive CG Design for added control
  • Dynamic Sole Design for enhanced turf interaction


  • Slightly thicker top lines than other options
Available for £1,399 from Callaway

Callaway have made some of the nicest irons for golfers of all levels over the years and their latest offering in the Callaway Apex MB clubs certainly stand out. 

With their easy on the eye looks and pleasing tour shape the Callaway Apex MB irons definitely feel crisp. These look amazing, nice and compact and feature a thin topline. If you like something like that, then these will really appeal to you. These are very clean in looks with the forged 1085 carbon steel and the feel from the face is brilliant when you catch it out the middle. You do need to be very consistent with your ball striking, but when you strike the middle, these are fantastic. Great in looks, feel and you get the progressive centre of gravity which we’ve seen in the Pro and the CB models in the same family. So, you will have a little help when stepping into those longer irons. The pre-worn leading edge and trailing edge relief makes the contact extremely consistent. 

If you’re looking for a new set of blades, not only will these look good, but the progressive centre of gravity in the Callaway Apex MB will make it easier in the longer irons. There's no doubt these are some of the best looking irons money can buy in 2024.

Credit: Cobra
Cobra King MB irons
Cobra King MB
Perfect for top level ball strikers with a traditional blade shape.


  • Exceptional feel for supreme control
  • Five step forging process makes these very soft
  • A stunning looking set of clubs


  • Short blade length may be too compact for some
Available for £859 from Cobra

We have seen Rickie Fowler rock those beautiful Cobra King MB’s before. Here's the most up-to-date option from Cobra's 2024 blade range. As you can see, they're stunning.

The Cobra MB is compact in shape and aimed at lower handicappers looking for thinner toplines, minimal offset for control and thinner soles for precise turf interaction. These have shorter blade lengths for enhanced shot-shaping ability, so they are very workable. The finish of this iron is down to the precision of the five-step forging process, the MB iron features precisely located centre of gravity, without the need for added tungsten. The Cobra King MB is traditional in look with this muscle back design offering players an incredible feel, acoustics and precision. 

Looks wise these are brilliant and with a short compact shape they’ll be a shot shaper's dream. 

Credit: Ping
Ping Blueprint irons
Ping Blueprint T
One of the best looking irons in 2024 that's ideal for high level golfers.


  • Fully forged 8620 carbon steel head helps with trajectory control
  • Compact, muscle-back style head is ideal for those who want workability
  • Tungsten toe screw and shaft tip weights boost MOI


  • These are not easy to hit
Available for £1,139 from Ping

Ping arguably make some of the best irons available and the Blueprint T blades are definitely up there as one of the best looking irons of 2024. 
Aimed at the highly skilled golfer, the Blueprint T is made from 8620 carbon steel but has been designed as a single piece. This design delivers a premium finish but also delivers a great look and workability for a superior control and feel. The Blueprint T is pleasing in sound and feel with mass being placed behind the impact zone. A shorter heel-face height allows the hosel to blend smoothly into the top line with the narrow sole delivering consistent turf interaction from all conditions. The precision-milled grooves ensure the preferred launch and spin for players who rely on pinpoint control. A high-density toe screw and tip weight provide precise swing weight control and a slight boost in MOI. 
You can't argue the Ping Blueprint T ticks all the boxes in the looks department and for the elite level player, it's a brilliant choice.

Credit: PXG
PXG 0317 T irons
PXG 0317 ST
These irons are great for a player who is precise


  • Precision weighting for consitency
  • Milled face and back for precise spin control
  • These are three times forged for superb feel


  • Aesthetically not for everyone
Available for £189 per club from PXG

PXG are known for their adjustability to make it easier for golfers of all levels enjoy the game. These PXG 0317 ST irons are aimed at top ball strikers looking for precision that also brings a different style in the looks department.
These irons are made from a forged 8620 carbon steel which delivers a longer-lasting groove life compared to other forged steel carbon alloys. Its forged head gives you amazing feel, whilst the milled face delivers great spin and distance control. The small head and shape is pleasing at address and it really does look as clean as a butter knife. A nice touch is the centre of gravity placement that sits behind the face. That's not something you see everyday in a blade but it’s a common theme throughout PXG’s history. The irons are a blended set design where the 3-iron and 4-iron feature a larger cavity, giving you more forgiveness.
If you want an iron which is clean at address with a thin topline and features extra forgiveness in the longer irons, then the PXG 0317 ST will fit your eye nicely. 

Credit: Mizuno
Mizuno pro 241 irons
Mizuno Pro 241
Nothing feels like a Mizuno and the looks don't disappoint either.


  • Forged in Hiroshima to the highest standard of precision
  • Soft Copper Underlay
  • Centre of mass is strategically placed for enhanced feedback


  • How can you fault a Mizuno iron?
Available for £1,149 from Mizuno

Mizuno without a doubt make some of the best Japanese forged irons on the market and the Mizuno Pro 241 are stunning. 

The Mizuno Pro 241 is an elite level ball striker's dream with mass accumulated centrally behind impact. This is made possible through the long-term relationship between Mizuno's R&D team and its exclusive Grain Flow Forging plant in Hiroshima, Japan. 
The forged head design is made from a one-piece grain flow forged HD from 1025E Pure select mild carbon steel. A microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome is added to enhance the feel of our Grain Flow Forged heads. Centre mass provides feedback to delivers a softer, longer sensation at impact matching vibration patterns for better feel.

These are the kind of irons you’ll be scared to hit because they look that good. But if there is one thing you’ll love it’s the feel of a Mizuno blade, so make sure you do hit them!

Credit: TaylorMade
TaylorMade MB irons
TaylorMade P7MB
These irons are so shiny you can use them as a mirror before you go pin seeking.


  • Faceted muscle back geometry delivers striking looks
  • Forged five times using a soft 1025 carbon steel for incredible feel
  • Aggressive MX9 grooves for performance


  • There's no margin for error with these
Available for £1,079 from TaylorMade

We’ve seen Rory McIlroy’s RORS proto irons and Tiger’s P7TW irons and the P7MB’s look just as incredible . 

If you want crisp and sharp looking irons in a shiny finish that glimmers in the sun, you've found the irons for you right here. 
The P7MB bladed design is forged and features the same machined face and groves for maximum workability. Designed for low handicappers, elite amateurs or professionals, this iron promises consistency, control and precision. This iron features five-times forged carbon steel, which uses 2,000 tones of pressure for fewer defects and, essentially, more consistency and solid feel. TaylorMade engineers used their most aggressive MX9 scoreline geometry to dial in your performance. The face is machined to the tightest of tolerances to ensure precision and quality. 

TaylorMade have created one of the best-looking blades that look great, are workable and consistent which are a top level player's dream.

Credit: Titleist
Titleist MB irons
Titleist 620 MB
Simple, classic and a blade that is brilliant in performance and looks awesome.


  • Progressive Blade Length makes these easier to hit in the longer irons
  • Reduced Offset for cleaner look
  • Tour-Refined Sole provides better turf interaction


  • None that we can find
Available for £939 from Titleist

This is a blade design that we’ve seen on tour and it's played by the likes of Max Homa. It's safe to say this is a stunning looking iron.
This newly refined muscle back classic has been engineered to make the Titleist blades look and perform even better than before. The Titleist 620 MB is built to meet the demands of the elite level player and they have been designed with reduced offset for the ultimate in clean looks at address position. They also have a new progressive blade length to make them much more playable through the set and feature a tour-refined sole for better turf interaction. The irons have a fully forged construction and distinct refinements, improving these irons to the original classic muscle back model. 
The Titleist 620 MB is a simple and classic blade that is designed for ultimate control and workability for the player looking for a traditional blade design. The bonus is it looks amazing.

Credit: Wilson
Wilson Staff model blade irons
Wilson Staff Model
Wilson's best looking club delivers the goods.


  • Forged 8620 Carbon Steel provides instant feedback 
  • Precision milling face pattern gives consistent spin and increased stopping power
  • Toe weighting keeps the club face open maximising forgiveness and ultimate control


  • None that we can see
Available for £1,049 from Wilson

This is the best looking iron Wilson produce right now and one of the very best looking on the market for 2024. 
The Wilson Staff Model blade might make you think there’s not much tech, but you’d be surprised. Weight has been removed from the base of the hosel for a more flowing feel, with the muscle area extremely biased towards the toe. The combination of a Fluid Feel Hosel and Precision Toe Weighting pushes the centre of gravity towards the toe, allowing for better alignment of the centre of gravity to the centre of the face, while expanding the impact area, allowing for maximum forgiveness. The Wilson Staff Model Blades also have a Precision Milled Face incorporating Double Cut Muscle Milling for ultimate control and overall spin consistency. The Forged 8620 Carbon Steel construction also provides a soft feel, making it easier for an elite player to manoeuvre the ball as required. 
This is another great looking iron and Wilson’s best looking iron in 2024. Behind its looks it’s a great iron that's perfect for the shot shapers and elite ball strikers. 

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