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We’ve all heard golf coaches talk about width in the golf swing, but how do we actually achieve this?

One of the misconceptions about width is that it’s created with the arms. Clark has taught many golfers that have adopted this concept, only to find it causes multiple faults in the swing. Instead, Tony Clark teaches his students to use shoulder rotation, and allow the arms to follow the shoulders, resulting in a one piece takeaway. 

“We see plenty of people slap their arms across their chest and the club is behind them,” Clark says. “If they keep going, they’re either going to come over the top, or drop it on the inside.”

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Once a full shoulder turn has been achieved, Clark then focuses on utilising the width between the shoulders and the arms. This width is often lost if a golfer doesn’t know how to rotate their upper body as they start the downswing. If the hands move too fast, the clubpath could be altered causing a weak and erratic ball flight. 

“From that position you have to be patient,” says Clark. “Let gravity take its course, maintain that rotation coming through towards the target, then you need extension in the arms” 



If you want to learn more about Clark’s philosophy on the golf swing, head over to his YouTube channel where you’ll find bundles of incredible free content. 

Clark was born and raised in Liverpool and first introduced to the game of golf in 1972 by a neighbour. Just four years later, Clark began a coaching career under the watchful eye of Jim Large, a well respected and accomplished teaching professional throughout the UK. What started out as a simple love for the game, developed into a passion for innovation. 

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In 2009, Clark released the PLANEswing, a revolutionary training aid that garnered masses of attention from some of the game’s most respected coaches. Since its inception, the PLANEswing has found its way into countless pro shops and swing studios around the world, cementing its place in golfing history as one of the most important training aids ever created.

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