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Missing short putts might be the most infuriating thing to happen on the golf course.

While hearing your playing partner say that you moved your head on a full shot might be nonsense most of the time, with putts, moving your head through impact really can be fatal.

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On short putts in particular, the temptation to look at the hole as you hit your ball can be too much. However, that usually results in getting a better look at your ball missing the hole altogether.

This can be a tough habit to break out of, but with the help of this advice from former Ryder Cup player Oliver Wilson, it is doable.

As he explains, there’s an easy drill you can do on the putting green to help.

“I’m about four feet from the hole and I’m placing the ball on the ball marker,” he says.

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“The object is to hit the putt, but to keep your eyes looking at the ball marker.

“Most amateurs, and this is a generalisation, but most amateurs tend to have quite a lot of movement in their putting stroke.

“If we can train the eyes and the head in the putting stroke to stay down and keep looking at the ball marker as you hit the putt.

“Nothing has moved, as the putter has come and interacted with the ball, I’ve held my finish and my posture is exactly the same as what it was when I started. If you can do that, you’re generally going to hit better putts.”

If you’ve been dropping too many shots on the greens this weekend, take this drill to the putting green.

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