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It’s one of the hottest three-letter combinations in the golf world right now but why should you use CBD?

CBD oil is one of the major trends today in the world of healthy living and it has made its way into golf circles, especially among some of the game’s elite players.

Who uses CBD?

CBD oil is being added into the health regimes of millions of people across the world to try and maintain a more balanced way of life. That is no different in the UK, with over six million Britons now buying CBD products, spending in excess of £150m on the product in the first four months of 2020 alone.

Still not convinced? If you would take a swing tip from a pro, why not take a wellness one. Multiple big-name stars in the game such as Greg Norman, Bubba Watson and Lucas Glover have all openly revealed they regularly use CBD oil to take their game to the next level. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have also reportedly used CBD oil during the 2019 Masters. If it’s good enough for them, why not you?

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There has been a strong adoption of CBD in elite-level players and it is now making its way into the amateur golf market, helping golfers of all abilities.

How to use CBD?

We know top golfers are using CBD, so here’s how you can try it. Get yourself kitted out with Cannaray’s ‘Golfer’s Kit’, designed for amateurs and pros, featuring their flavoured CBD oil and muscle balm – a great starter kit for golfers who want to give CBD a try.

CBD Oil is the most popular way to take CBD as the drops are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. You squeeze a dropper underneath your tongue, allowing the citrus-flavoured oil to absorb for 90 seconds. Take it in the morning, during pre-tee preparation or have it on the course with you.

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Every swing requires a workout that gets every muscle moving. That’s why Cannaray have included the eucalyptus-infused muscle balm in the kit, designed to be worked into knots before or after you play. It’s formulated to stay on skin during high intensity workouts, meaning you can apply it pre-golf and it won’t wear off.


Who are Cannaray?

The only UK CBD brand to be partnered with the PGA, Cannaray deliver a gold standard CBD product and are backed by doctors and scientists, making them one of the most trusted CBD oil companies in the industry.

What does gold standard mean? The brand provides traceability on all products from farm to store, as Cannaray’s partner farms are required to link each step of their production through a traceable serial number.

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Another unique selling point, is the taste of the product. Whilst some CBD oils have a grassy flavour, Cannaray’s zingy juniper lime flavouring is tasty and makes a delicious addition to protein shakes or smoothies.
If you needed further convincing, Cannaray has partnered with the PGA, ensuring that you can purchase their products in hundreds of pro shops across the country. The partnership has cemented Cannaray’s position as the front-running brand when it comes to CBD and its use in golf.

For more information on CBD and Cannaray, visit bunkered readers can take advantage of a special 20% off the golfers kit, which includes CBD oil and CBD muscle balm, using the code BUNKERED20 at checkout.

Cannaray is stocked in selected PGA member clubs, ask your local club for details.

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