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The golf swing can be a complicated movement, but in theory, it really shouldn’t be.

In the same way that riding a bike or walking are movements that require a lot of precise muscle contractions, so does making a golf swing. But, we don’t think about those things when we’re cycling along the road, do we?

It’s a theory that Arizona-based golf coach Keith Bennett, who you can follow here on Instagram, recently explained. Clearly, this piece of advice is a popular one, with one user replying it was “the best golf advice I’ve seen in 2024.” Another commented, saying that they “play my best when I’m not thinking about my swing or my what body is doing, I play my best when my body works subconsciously and all I think about is where I want the ball to go.”

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Bennett says that “you must hold the target firmly in your mind for the duration of your swing. The club tells the ball what to do, the body moves the club, the brain moves the body in response to where you want the ball to go… the target.”

The coach then explains that when he turned professional, he made the mistake of trying to hit a series of perfect positions in his golf swing. He says that he incorrectly assumed that being in perfect positions would lead to perfect shots. Of course, it doesn’t work that way.

Keith Bennett lesson story
Keith Bennett says he wishes he knew this when he turned pro.

Not convinced? Well, Bennett says, think of a time you walked past a trash can (or bin for us on this side of the Atlantic) and threw a piece of rubbish in. Did you stop and think about the perfect arm and wrist movements needed to complete that task? Of course not! Instead, you simply told your brain what you wanted to happen and it worked it out.

While the golf swing might require more movement from more body parts, a lot of the principles remain the same.

Is Bennett saying that you should disregard any technical work in your swing? Far from it.

Instead, his point is that when it comes to trying to hit the best possible shots on the golf course, the target should be your main focus. Try it the next time you’re on the course, you might just find that rather than getting bogged down with too many complex thoughts, you start to shoot better scores.

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