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The stinger shot is perfect for windy conditions, and its great fun to learn. 

You need this shot in your armoury, especially if you are playing a long, tight hole into the wind – but you want both distance and accuracy.

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By making a few simple set-up changes it will allow you to change your impact conditions sufficiently enough to change your ball flight.

Here’s what to do; grip down the club slightly, place the ball slightly further back in your stance and position your weight slightly in favour of your front foot.


Grip down

Grip down the club by an inch or two to gain more control over the clubhead. The closer your hands are to the clubhead, the more control you will have.

Remember this shot is not all about power – it’s also about control and placement.

Grip Down

Lead with your hands

Through impact, try to feel that your hands lead the clubhead. This will help you to reduce the loft presented to the ball at impact (this is referred to as ‘dynamic loft’).

The changes in your set-up to your ball position and weight distribution will help you to achieve this feeling.

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These changes will also help to promote a slightly more downward
strike at impact, which will help you to achieve that awesome looking
stinger from the tee.

Remember to practice this shot to help rehearse the right feelings.

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