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Electric golf trolleys are a common sight around clubs these days and there’s no denying they’re a big investment. But which electric trolley is best? We’ve listed some of the top options that 2024 has to offer.  

For those of us who don’t carry our clubs, being able to put our bag on an electric trolley is a big positive. It alleviates the strain of carrying a bag around the golf course, while meaning that we can pack more essentials on the golf course.  

If you are the type of golfer who likes to be prepared on the golf course, then having an electric trolley can be a big advantage. With a non-electric push trolley, it can still be a challenge to push your bag, particularly if you play a golf course with lots of undulations.  

However, no matter how hilly your golf course is, being able to put your bag on an electric trolley means that you won’t feel the strain of pushing your clubs up a slope.  

So, what are some of the best electric golf trolleys of 2024?  

Here’s a list of some of the best options, listed in alphabetical order by the manufacturer. 

Best electric trolleys 2024

Credit: Golfstream
Golfstream Vision Electric Trolley
Golfstream Vision
A great option for golfers who want ease of use in their electric trolley.


  • Very lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Extremely affordable compared to other options
  • Opportunity to change trim colour will appeal to many


  • Doesn't have the same features as some of the others on the list
Available for £399 from Golfstream

First up, we have a cracking option from Golfstream. This is a brand you might not be aware of, but you really should take notice if you’re looking for an affordable but reliable electric golf trolley.

Other trolleys on this list will be at the more premium price point, but this from Golfstream aims to offer a more entry level option, without skimping on quality. The Vision is incredibly easy to take out of your car and get ready for your game and is just as easy to fold up and put away. While the Vision might not have the bells and whistles of other trolleys, the starting price, which is just under £400, makes it a very attractive option.

Golfstream say this folds flatter than any other mainstream trolley brand, which is a big plus if you’re tight on space in the car.  

Credit: Motocaddy
Motocaddy M Tech GPS
Motocaddy M-Tech GPS 
This does basically everything on the course apart from hitting the shots.


  • GPS screen is a fantastic bit of tech
  • Durable quality that you can expect to last as long as you need it to
  • Will actively help your golf with Motocaddy Performance Plan


  • It's not cheap
Available for £1,299.99 from Motocaddy

A real premium option from Motocaddy with the M-Tech GPS. New for 2024, this is ideal for golfers who want something that does virtually everything for them, bar hitting the shots. We should point out that Motocaddy do have a remote control option in the M7, but we’re going to focus on some of their brand-new models in this buying guide. 

The brand’s new flagship model combines fast and accurate touchscreen GPS technology for better course management, along with luxury finishes for a striking design. The GPS screen on this trolley is a crystal clear 3.5” touchscreen, that provides front, middle and back distances, plus hazard information. Every detail a golfer needs to play any course is covered.  

Also included in this trolley is a 12-month free trial of the Performance Plan for Motocaddy, which allows players to recieve Bluetooth and Wifi updates on the course. This also allows golfers to unlock a selection of game management features, such as green view, course updates and score and stat tracking. There’s not much this trolley can’t do. 

Credit: Motocaddy
Motocaddy M5 GPS
Motocaddy M5 GPS
An award-winning trolley and for good reason, this is a top option for 2024.


  • Motocaddy's touch screen is excellent
  • Folds very small particularly for a large trolley
  • Ability to measure and track your shots and stats


  • This is hard to fault
Available for £1,079.99 from Motocaddy

Next on the list is another new option from Motocaddy, the award-winning M5 GPS. This also comes with a trial for Motocaddy’s Performance Plan, with six months free.  

You’ll get the same 3.5” touchscreen display, which in this model is enabled with GPS, for the best possible course management. Dynamic green view is also included, which shows the shape of the green that you’re playing to. You can even drag and drop the pin to its location on the green here, giving you the best, most accurate yardage to the flag. Not just that, but this trolley allows golfers to measure and track their stats and shots, with an on-screen clock and round timer, helping you keep track of where you are on the course.
You can be sure you’re getting quality with a Motocaddy trolley, the M5 GPS is no different.  

Credit: Motocaddy
Motocaddy M1
Motocaddy M1
Motocaddy's entry level option for the 2024 range is a very safe bet


  • Still comes with the DHC for peace of mind
  • LCD display screen makes controlling this trolley easy
  • Adjustable distance control means you can keep good control around the greens


  • Not got all the headline grabbing features of other Motocaddy products
Available for £829.99 from Motocaddy

Another new addition to the Motocaddy range is the Motocaddy M1. This is the most affordable option in the new line-up from the brand, but that certainly doesn’t mean it lacks in quality features. 

Ease of use is a big positive in this trolley, with a simple folding system and space-saving inverting wheels making it straightforward to get going and easy to put away. This also comes with an LCD display screen, which helps you get the correct speed with the nine speed settings available. This also comes with adjustable distance control, which allows you to send the trolley on its way in 15-yard increments, meaning you can have it in the right spot for leaving the green or tee.  

While this might not have some of the exciting features of other Motocaddy trolleys, it still offers a great option for a golfer looking for a new electric trolley in 2024. As with all Motocaddy trolleys, there is the option to upgrade to a DHC model, which offers Downhill Control Technology. This makes traversing slopes straightforward on the course. 

Credit: PowaKaddy
Powakdaddy RX1 GPS electric trolley
PowaKaddy RX1 GPS
GPS and remote control enabled? You certainly have our attention


  • Can control this trolley from a distance of 50 metres away
  • High visibility touchscreen is excellent and easy on the eye
  • Anti-tip wheel means you'll have security your clubs won't fall over


  • You get what you pay for, this isn't cheap
Available for £1,349 from PowaKaddy

The first option on this list from another giant in the electric trolley market, PowaKaddy. This is the RX1 GPS, which is a remote control enabled, GPS option. Again, this is something that is aimed at the premium market of electric trolleys, with all the added extras you would expect.  

Firstly, this is a remote-control trolley, so if you’re someone who likes to have control of your clubs from a distance, then this is something you’ll really enjoy. The remote gives you a powerful 50 metre range, so if you’re a long way from your set, you don’t need to worry. Also, it comes with Slope Traverse Assist technology, which helps to keep the trolley stable on any slopes it might encounter.  

This also features a 3.5” high visibility, full-colour touchscreen, giving you accurate distances to the front, middle and back of the green, plus distances to hazards and virtual scorecard. There are no annual fees or subscriptions required either. All in all, this is a quality option for those looking for a premium electric trolley. 

Credit: PowaKaddy
PowaKaddy FX1
PowaKaddy FX1
A bargain from PowaKaddy that is one of the best value options on this list


  • Fantastic price point for a premium product
  • Simple to set up and use on the course
  • As with all PowaKaddy options it's very quiet on the course


  • If you want GPS then look elsewhere
Available for £595 from PowaKaddy

PowaKaddy say that their FX range is designed for electric simplicity, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent option for a serious golfer looking for an electric golf trolley.
While other trolleys feature a LCD touchscreen display, the FX1 has a single pause and resume speed dial, with an LED on/off light. Also featured in this trolley is the low-profile sports wheels and a height adjustable soft touch handle.
An electric trolley with a classic look that does everything you need to transport your clubs around the course. A great option for any golfer. 

Credit: PowaKaddy
PowaKaddy CT8
PowaKaddy CT8 GPS
The middle ground from PowaKaddy, with no remote control, but a GPS capability


  • A great looking trolley that easily folds very small
  • Active green view helps you to better manage the course
  • Delivers distances to hazards on the course for better management


  • This is difficult to fault
Available for £999 from PowaKaddy

The PowaKaddy CT8 GPS is the brand’s top touchscreen model, that doesn’t feature a remote control functionality. If you’re someone who doesn’t want or need a remote control, but wants a PowaKaddy that does virtually everything else on the course, this is ideal for you.  

This model features a fully integrated GPS which you can access through the 3.5” full colour touchscreen. You can use PowaKaddy’s Active Green View feature, the scorecard tracking, as well as pin drop technology for the best possible accuracy on the golf course. For those who value storage space, the PowaKaddy CT8 GPS folds 20% smaller than previous PowaKaddy CT models, which is a big positive.  

Overall, this is a fantastic option from PowaKaddy, that any serious golfer would benefit from using. 

Credit: Stewart Golf
Stewart Golf
Stewart Golf Q Follow
An electric golf trolley that follows you around the course!


  • Follow technology makes life on the golf course that bit easier
  • There's no doubt that your bag will stay put on this bit of kit
  • Very strong chassis makes it durable


  • Not cheap!
Available for £1,749 from Stewart Golf

An ultra-premium option to finish this list and it comes from Stewart Golf. If you’ve seen someone at your club walking along with their trolley following them down the fairway, there’s a good chance they’re using a Stewart Golf Q Follow.
Handbuilt in the UK, the Stewart Golf Q Follow has three modes of operation. Firstly, you can use this trolley in the manual setting, just like a traditional golf trolley. It has a soft-touch handle, which makes it easy to navigate over tight walkways, such as bridges or when you’re in the car park. Next, you can use the remote setting, which is ideal for when your trolley is too far away to use the follow setting. This is perfect for if you’re on the other side of the green and need to meet your trolley on the way to the next tee, saving you energy and time. Lastly, it’s the follow setting, which makes things so easy. Just stick the remote in your pocket and walk to your ball, and your clubs will follow. 

The price tag on this trolley will take it out of reach for some, but it really is a fantastic bit of kit. If you want complete confidence on the course, then this is for you.  

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