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If you struggle with the longer irons, replacing it with something that is more forgiving and easier to hit could be the answer. So what are the best hybrids for high handicappers that 2024 has to offer? 

Having a club that bridges the gap between your irons and your fairway woods is essential for many golfers. And, for some, the idea of a driving iron isn’t feasible. Golfers will often find themselves a long way out on a par-5 or long par-4, and having a long club that is easier to hit than a fairway wood is a great option. 

Best hybrids for high handicappers 2024

If you’re a golfer looking to fill a space in the bag between your longest iron and fairway woods, and you want maximum forgiveness, these are some great options for you.  

Credit: Callaway
Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Hybrid
Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max
Easy to launch with longer and straighter shots on any mishits.


  • Ai Smart Face helps for longer shots and is forgiving on mishits
  • Larger profile gives more confidence
  • Tungsten weighting for optimal spin


  • Larger profile may not be for everyone
Available for £269 from Callaway

What we have here is a brand-new shape from Callaway. It’s larger in profile which looks brilliant and is a lot less intimidating than traditional longer irons. The matte crown finish looks brilliant, with the chevron marking the centre for alignment.

Just like what we have seen in the drivers and fairways we have the new Ai Smart Face which is going to deliver forgiveness across the whole face. It’s going to give you more speed, forgiveness and tighter dispersion, especially on mishits, so you’ll be closer to the flag. The tungsten weighting on the sole helps deliver optimal spin and control and the face design is going to give you the launch you need. On the sole you also have a more pronounced camber that offers enhanced turf interaction, ensuring precise, clean contact for better consistency. To fine tune things even more, you have the adjustable hosel for desired ball flight. 

If you want more forgiveness across the face, better distance and dispersion the new Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke hybrid will make your life easier on the course. 

Credit: Cobra
Cobra Darkspeed hybrid
Cobra Darkspeed
Speed and distance is what you can expect with the Darkspeed hybrid.


  • H.O.T Face technology delivers forgiveness
  • PWRBridge weighting delivers incredible ball speed
  • Great shaping for aerodynamic speed


  • Only comes in standard and one length options
Available for £229 from Cobra

Just like the rest of the Cobra Darkspeed range, it’s a blacked-out finish on the Cobra Darkspeed hybrid. If you like something that’s straight forward but still striking, you’ll love these. 

Just like the drivers and fairways, you can expect to see PWR-Bridge technology and H.O.T Face technology in these hybrids. It works in the longer clubs, so there’s no reason to change it here. 
This is going to help you achieve faster speed, higher launch and increased forgiveness. For any golfer, particularly in a hybrid, this is great to see. 
These go up in loft to a 6-hybrid, which has 28-degrees. However, the women’s model features a 7-hybrid, which has 31-degrees. If you really like to swap out some irons in your set, these will be for you. The ONE-length features a maximum loft of 24-degree, and that’s only available as a custom model. 

They sit very flush behind the ball, while some other hybrid shapes might appear closed. These make you feel that you’ll get the ball in the air and thanks to the technology hidden away inside, it’s easy to do that. 

Credit: Ping
Ping G430 hybrid
Ping G430
If you want more forgiveness and straighter shots you'll love this from Ping.


  • Carbon Fly Wrap helps to increase MOI
  • Spinsitency delivers great stopping power
  • Low CG for faster ball speeds
  • Stainless steel body contributes to fast speeds


  • I can't find any!
Available for £269 from Ping

Ping make great clubs that can perform for a wide variety of players, and the G430 hybrid is no different. A key selling point of this club is that it comes in six loft options, so you can certainly include several different options in your bag. 

Another thing to know about the Ping option is the Carbonfly Wrap, which replaces the traditional steel clubhead. This saves weight in the club, which can then be redistributed to the bottom of the head. This, in turn, helps the club to be more forgiving, as the centre of gravity is lower. The thin, high strength maraging steel face wraps into the sole and crown of the stainless-steel body to increase flexing, contributing to the higher ball speeds. This club also features Ping’s Spinsistency innovation, which is designed to regulate spin levels, making it ideal for generating stopping power on the green. 

If you’re a player who has lots of shots into par-5s or long par-4s from the fairway, the Ping G430 hybrid is a great addition to the bag. 

Credit: PXG
PXG Black Ops hybrid
PXG Black Ops
A great option if you're looking for adjustability and high MOI.


  • Thinner face delivers more speed
  • Delivers more forgiveness
  • Carbon fibre crown lowers CG for more speed
  • Precision weighting increases MOI


  • Quite pricey
Available for £309 from PXG

The PXG Black Ops range has not disappointed and continues to exceed expectations even in its hybrid. 

The PXG Black Ops Hybrid maximises distance and delivers a tight dispersion off the tee and from the fairway. It features a high-strength, stainless steel face that is 10.5% thinner and more flexible than its predecessor. Coupled with a squared face design that shifts the perimeter skirt more vertical, increasing the surface area, the new face delivers a lot of forgiveness of the clubhead to deliver faster ball speeds, higher launch, and lower spin.  

The crown is made entirely from high-grade carbon fibre. This lightweight material saves mass, allowing it to be redistributed low and to the club head's perimeter for optimal CG positioning and added forgiveness. Mass is further adjusted to support preferred spin and bias settings with PXG's Precision Weighting Technology.  With Precision Weighting Technology positioned in the extreme perimeter of the club head and anchored to the outer wall, a sophisticated, stiff, and stable structure that generates high-frequency vibrations is created. 

With the adjustable precision weighting you can increase that MOI and make it incredibly stable and forgiving. It’s definitely a hybrid that will surprise you. That was true for our Performance Editor, Lewis Fraser, who has one of these in the bag for 2024. It's definitely helping him on the course.

Credit: TaylorMade
TaylorMade Qi10 hybrid
TaylorMade Qi10
Perfect larger profile shape that's easy launching, forgiving and full of speed.


  • Larger head shape for more confidence
  • Twist Face tech for straighter mishits
  • Ultra low CG for better launch and forgivness
  • Thru Slot speed pocket for longer shots on low strikes


  • I can't fault it.
Available for £269 from TaylorMade

The TaylorMade Qi10 rescues come in three head options and there’s noticeable differences between them all. The Max comes in an oversized head shape with a shallow face for maximum forgiveness and is the largest and most forgiving option. 

You have the old favourites with Twist Face and the Thru Slot Speed Pocket in the Qi10 rescues helping you get the most from mishits. The Qi10 Max both has a carbon crown, which frees up mass for optimal weight distribution and forgiveness. It has the V Steel sole which gives you better turf interaction and better versatility. The Qi10 Max also has rear-leaning perimeter weighting and ultra-low CG for higher launch and max forgiveness. A shallow face height allows golfers to hit it high from anywhere, making it super easy to use. 

The Qi10 Max is large in shape and if I had to compare it to something, it might be an old-style spoon club, which is no bad thing. The Qi10 Max is really fun to hit and packed full of forgiveness with tighter dispersion. Ideal if you struggle to get the ball in the air.

Credit: Titleist
Titleist TSR1 hybrid
Titleist TSR1
Ideal for slower swing speeds for higher launch and longer distance.


  • VFT technology for more forgiveness
  • Deep CG for higher MOI
  • Lighter construction for more speed
  • Larger head shape for confidence


  • Longer shaft might not be for everyone
Available for £259 from Titleist

The most forgiving hybrid from Titleist is the TSR1, which is aimed at players with a slower swing speed. That makes it ideal for players who need help getting more distance from their longer clubs. 

This is a hybrid option that has a much larger profile on the ground behind the ball. You might almost mistake this for a fairway wood, but it is a hybrid that can sit between your woods and irons. This larger shape allows for a deeper centre of gravity and a very confidence inspiring shape. TSR1 hybrids have been stripped of every non-essential gram of weight from head to grip to ensure the lightest possible build without sacrificing performance. VFT technology originally debuted in TSR2, TSR3, and TSR4 drivers and is now featured in TSR1, optimising speed retention on off-centre strikes.

The centre of gravity in each TSR1 model is positioned deep, raising MOI and maximising high launch and ball speed. These clubs are also fitted with a shaft that is designed for a fairway wood. This is slightly longer that most other hybrid shafts, which is going to increase swing speed, giving you greater distance. 
A larger shape than almost every other option in this category, this will appeal to those who aren’t keen on traditional thin hybrid shapes.  

Credit: Wilson
Wilson Dynapower hybrid
Wilson Dynapower
A very affordable option delivering Ai face design and forgiveness.


  • Ai designed face for forgiveness
  • Better distance on mishits
  • CG low for higher launch and distance
  • Great price


  • Some people may not like the aesthetics
Available for £179 from Wilson

The Dynapower range from Wilson has been extremely popular in 2023, and their hybrid is a great option for those looking for an affordable but high-performing club. 

This club is available with lofts as high as a 6-hybrid, meaning you can get something very high launching for your bag. This is a very clean looking hybrid club, with a small red detail that you’ll see when you put the club behind the ball. Inside, Wilson used AI technology to identify the optimal thickness of the club face, meaning you’ll get high ball speeds no matter where you strike the ball. Dynapower AI analysed thousands of permutations to find the perfect thickness for each section of the face, resulting in the fastest ball speeds and maximum forgiveness over the entire face. Internal weighting on DynaPower hybrids positions the CG low and back to produce a high MOI clubhead for more forgiveness and higher launch angles. Internal weighting in Dynapower clubs pushes the centre of gravity down and back, to promote a high ball flight, making it ideal for higher handicap players.
The Dynapower hybrid is a fantastic club for those looking for a great performing, clean looking club. 

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