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In everyone’s golf bags, there are plenty of essentials. One of those is a reliable waterproof jacket for when the rain starts on the golf course. For that reason, we’ve taken a look at the best waterproof golf jackets of 2024.  

Of course, we all want to play in the best possible conditions on the golf course, but that isn’t always possible. Particularly for competitive golfers, it can sometimes be unavoidable that we need to play in some wet weather.  

Having a high performing waterproof jacket in these conditions can be a big advantage over your opponents. If this jacket can allow you to swing freely, keep the rain at bay and keep you warm, then it can certainly help you to hit better shots and keep your score on track, even when the weather is at its worst.  

A good waterproof jacket is a jacket that allows the golfer to swing the club with as little hinderance as possible. It also needs to keep the rain out, without being bulky.  

Here’s our list of some of the best waterproof golf jackets of 2024. 

Credit: Abacus
Abacus bounce jacket
Abacus Bounce
The Swedish brand has produced the goods with this line of outerwear.


  • Cracking looking jacket
  • Full of technology that allows this jacket to transfer body heat into useful energy
  • No hinderance when you're swinging the club


  • It's hard to fault
Available for £189.99 from Abacus

The first entry to our alphabetically ordered list is the Abacus Bounce jacket. This is a bit of kit that comes in several different colours, all of which compliment a cracking looking, stylish waterproof jacket.  

This is made from a four-way stretch waterproof fabric that is also highly breathable. That is, of course, essential on the golf course, as it means that you’re able to swing the club freely. The last thing you want to be wearing on the course is a jacket that is a hinderance to your swing, and this certainly doesn’t get in the way. We also very much like the pockets on the front of this piece, which help to keep your hands warm, as well as the zipped compartment near the top of the jacket that offers a place for essentials like tees or rain gloves.  

Overall, this is a great piece from a Swedish brand who have a huge range of products. They’ve kitted out the Solheim Cup team in the past and it’s no surprise when you see the quality on show here. 

Credit: adidas
adidas rain rdy jacket
adidas Rain Rdy
The adidas Rain Rdy golf jacket is one of the best looking waterproofs on the market.


  • Fantastic looking jacket that can be worn anywhere
  • The option of a hood will appeal to many and help battle elements
  • Great price point


  • Not a massive improvement on previous generations, so you might want to stick with that model
Available for £110 from adidas

You know that you’re going to get quality from any adidas product and the Rain Rdy jacket is no different. The three stripes logo is a symbol of assurance that you’re getting a good bit of kit, whether it’s shoes, shorts, or in this case, a jacket.  

This is a line of outerwear that has been on the go for a long time and if you own one of these already, you’ll know how well they perform. This is one of a few jackets on this list that features a hood, so if you like to have that option, then this will appeal to you. Also, it’s very lightweight, meaning that it won’t hinder your performance on the course, nor will it take up too much valuable room in your bag. Comes with front pockets and in a variety of colours.  

Overall, this is a great option, particularly if you’re looking for a lightweight jacket that is easy to take on and off if you’re playing when the weather is changeable. 

Credit: FootJoy
FootJoy Hydro Tour
FootJoy HydroTour
Not just waterproof, this is storm proof!


  • Would probably keep you dry in a swimming pool
  • Still comfortable to wear regardless of the heavy-duty technology inside
  • Adjustable cuffs and seams make this basically bombproof


  • You do pay for the high quality
Available for £249.99 from FootJoy

Not just waterproof, but this jacket from FootJoy is storm proof. That says it all about a piece of clothing that is certainly going to keep you dry in the worst of the elements.
In FootJoy’s latest launch of outerwear, the HydroTour jacket was the one that they said would appeal to golfers who want (or rather, don’t have the option of not playing in) to tackle cold and wet conditions. This jacket has a three-layer construction, which helps to really keep out the worst of the conditions. This, along with the seam-sealed waterproof construction, makes this jacket incredibly durable.
It’s not just some of the best shoes on the market that you get from FootJoy, but some of the best outerwear too. This jacket is made for the elements. 

Credit: Galvin Green
Galvin Green Amos Jacket
Galvin Green Amos
A Galvin Green jacket with a hood! Yes, it's a big deal and yes, it still performs.


  • The hood is an added layer of protection
  • A more reserved style for Galvin which we think looks the part
  • Pretty much bombproof
  • Adjustable cuffs make it easy to swing in


  • Again, not cheap, but this is an investment for the future
Available for £369 from Galvin Green

Another brand that is synonymous with their waterproof jackets. Galvin Green’s latest release is the Amos, which, as you can see, is another model with a hood. That’s something a little different for Galvin but you can still expect the same technology inside.
The Gore Tex C-Knit tech that we see in this jacket is the most premium material Galvin Green uses. It’s waterproof, windproof, breathable and stretchy, without being heavy. It’s easy to take on and off and is comfortable to move around in on the course. A fantastic option that will serve you well for years. 

bunkered's Gear Editor James Tait has been using this jacket and although it very rarely rains in the east of Scotland, when it does, this jacket has kept the downpours out. We both love the look of this, which is something a little bit different for Galvin Green and is definitely aimed at a younger audience. 

Credit: KJus
KJus Pro 3L
KJus Pro 3L 3.0
No, the price tag isn't a mistake, but you'll get what you pay for here.


  • Breathable, stretching and lightweight for top performance
  • Hyper 3D stretch inserts make it super easy to swing in
  • No more blaming the waterproofs for bad shots


  • Will hit the wallet hard
Available for £449 from KJus

Any product that allows Anne van Dam to swing the club as well as she does is going to get our seal of approval. Although the Dutch player might not wear this exact model, the brand pride themselves on sparing no expense when it comes to quality with their outerwear.  

The most impressive part of this jacket, in our opinion, is the Hyper 3D Stretch fabric on the back of the piece. This is designed to allow you to swing the club without any hinderance whatsoever, and that’s such an important part of having a high performing waterproof jacket. Of course, this jacket is designed to be incredibly waterproof, so you really do not need to worry about any rain penetrating it. At the end of the day, you want a jacket that keeps the rain out and lets you play to the best of your ability. That’s exactly what this does.  

We know the price will put a lot of people off, but if you’ve got the best part of £500 to spend on a new waterproof jacket, this is a safe bet. 

Credit: Ping
Ping Sensordry Graphene jacket
Ping SensorDry 2.5 Graphene
A certified great looking jacket that can do the business on the golf course.


  • A look that will appeal to almost any golfer
  • Graphene technology is very impressive
  • Zip linings are particularly impressive


  • We would love a wider colour range (So that we can buy more of them!)
Available for £225 from Ping

Not only do they make top quality golf clubs, but they can kit out your apparel on the course too. Ping’s range of waterproof jackets is pretty vast, but we particularly like the Sensordry range, which featured in our Winter Guide over the last cold snap. 

This jacket is engineered with Graphene, which is the lightest, strongest, most conductive material ever discovered. But what does that all mean? Essentially, when this is put into a jacket, it helps to absorb and retain warmth, helping you to stay warm on the course even when the weather is miserable. Of course, you need to stay dry while you stay warm, and this jacket helps you to do that. It’s fully seam sealed and comes with Sensordry technology, which of course, keeps you fully protected when the heavens open.  

Like we say, we got a good test of this jacket during bunkered’s Winter Guide, and it performed extremely well.

Credit: Stromberg
Stromberg Weather Tech Jacket
Stromberg Weather Tech
If you've been scrolling this list for a more wallet-friendly option, you've found it!


  • Clean aesthetic
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Great price point


  • You're likely to get more long lasting protection from other brands
Available for £80 from Stromberg

A jacket that is at the price conscious range of the scale, while keeping a good level of quality. If you’re looking for a great waterproof golf jacket for under £100, then you’re onto a winner here. 

The Stromberg Weather Tech jacket has been constructed to be lightweight and breathable, as well as completely waterproof and that’s exactly why you would want to buy this. This will also appeal to those who like a classic and clean look in their jacket, with subtle design and logos across the front of the piece.  

Overall, this is a lightweight and affordable option that won’t let you down. 

Credit: Stuburt
Stuburt Leaden Lightweight jacket
Stuburt Leaden Lightweight
Lightweight by name and lightweight by nature. This is a great option.


  • Won't break the bank
  • Very lightweight which makes it easy to swing in and store away
  • Full length zip makes it easy to take on and off


  • Adjustable cuffs would be a big plus on this
Available for £99.99 from Stuburt

The Stuburt Leaden Lightweight jacket is exactly that. Lightweight. That’s certainly a good thing if you want a jacket that is easy to swing your clubs in, as well as putting in the bag when the sun does come out.

I tested this jacket out recently in the spring, which is the ideal time to be wearing it. It’s very breathable and is perfect for wearing over a jumper when the cold weather is accompanied by a shower. This is part of the Rain Pro range, which is designed to protect golfers in the most extreme conditions.  

From the times I’ve worn this jacket, I have no doubt that it will be up to the task of keeping me dry on the golf course. Will certainly be an option from my wardrobe in 2024. 

Credit: Under Armour
Under Armour Stormproof 3.0
Under Armour Stormproof 3.0
Waterproof, breathable and very light. What more do you need?


  • Tried and tested waterproof technology
  • Adjustable cuffs is a big plus for water security
  • Windproof to keep you warm in the worst conditions


  • A loose fit might be distracting
Available for £130 from Under Armour

Think of Under Armour apparel and you think of Jordan Spieth. That’s certainly not a bad thing in our eyes and the Stormproof 3.0 jacket is a great looking and even better performing bit of outerwear.
This jacket is available in three different colourways, all of which look fantastic. But, as the name suggests, this is purely designed to keep you dry, and it certainly does a good job at that. It’s very light, which helps to make it breathable. But, it will do a great job at keeping the rain out. That’s thanks to the UA’s storm technology, which is tried and tested in some of the worst conditions. 

This is a great option, particularly as it’s coming from a brand who are really moving up in the golf world and it’s pretty affordable too. 

Credit: ProQuip
ProQuip Stormforce
ProQuip Stormforce PX7
A rain jacket that comes with a lifetime waterproof guarantee.


  • The cushioned collar in ProQuip jackets is a nice touch
  • A lifetime waterproof guarantee
  • Pockets on the front of the jacket are very useful


  • We prefer the looks of some of the others, but that's personal taste
Available for £180 from ProQuip

Last but not least, it’s a great option from ProQuip with the Stormforce PX7 rain jacket. This is the most premium product that ProQuip offer when it comes to keeping the rain out. Here’s what you can expect.

This comes with a four way stretch fabric, which means this jacket is easy to swing the club as well as you can in. That fabric also contributes to it being super lightweight, which is again great for comfort, but also makes the jacket easy to stow away in the bag. One thing we like about ProQuip jackets is the cushioned collar, which helps to stop water leaking down your back, but also provides comfort around your neck. A great touch. 

Overall, this is a very reliable waterproof jacket that also comes with a lifetime waterproof guarantee. 

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