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• Chrome Soft gives ‘even more control’
• It also offers better all round performance

• SuperHot 55 ball also released

Callaway | Chrome Soft

In 2015, the Chrome Soft made a big impact on the golf ball market. In 2016, Callaway is looking to take that another step further with the launch of a new, updated version of the Chrome Soft.

Officially labelled ‘the ball that changed the ball’, the 2015 Chrome Soft proved popular amongst amateur and professional golfers alike. Now, Callaway says the new version gives even more control on shots into the green as well as distance and soft feel.

The softness of the Chrome Soft was a big selling point in 2015 and that returns again as the one of the major features for this year’s ball. Where the 2016 ball differs is in the all round performance it offers.

It has been made with four layers to give even more control throughout the bag. The low compression lets you compress the ball more on iron shots for even softer feel, while also offering more spin and accuracy on shots from 100 yards an in.

Callaway’s HEX Aerodynamics has been installed for a second time, ensuring the ball flies straighter in all conditions, even on a wet and windy Scottish afternoon.

The Dual SoftFast Core is perfect for those with faster ball speeds as it helps to lower the spin off the driver face, helping you to get your ideal launch from the tee. The core helps the ball feel amazing around the green, too.
Alongside the Chrome Soft, Callaway has introduced the new three-piece SuperHot 55 golf ball. Like the Chrome Soft it has a low compression to ensure you get soft feel, while the aerodynamics of the dimple design mean it stays in the air for longer, giving you more distance. The design also creates lower spin, reducing hooks and slices so your shots fly straighter.

Callaway Chrome Soft/SuperHot 55 – pricing and availability

RRP: £32.99/£24.99
In store date: Feb 5, 2016
More details:

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