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To push driver performance to a whole new level you have to think like a Maverick.

Well that’s what Callaway’s R&D team believe.

Last year Callaway completely revolutionised the way it engineers its drivers with the introduction of Epic Flash and it’s A.I. designed Flash Face.

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It was one of the standout drivers for 2019 and Callaway had its work cut out if it was going to push performance further than ever before.

That is why Callaway’s R&D team adopted a maverick’s rebellious and disruptive attitude.

Callaway Mavrik Drivers 2

They say MAVRIK is the finest combination of distance, forgiveness, consistency and feel ever built in a Callaway driver.

In order to fully benefit from the vast potential of A.I. design, and to make smarter and wider-ranging performance improvements in the face and throughout the clubhead, Callaway invested in a new and more powerful supercomputer.

After going through thousands of virtual prototypes it produced the new Flash Face SS20 architecture, with a thinner face and more expansive area that delivers ultra-fast ball speeds.

Callaway Mavrik Drivers 3

The complexity of each MAVRIK Flash Face SS20 design demanded a stronger material to stand up to the stress of impact, so for the first time Callaway is using FS2S titanium, an exotic material that is remarkably strong and light.

From this high-end titanium, they can consistently maintain ball speeds without sacrificing any integrity in the face.

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Callaway’s R&D team also took maverick thinking well beyond the face, using A.I. to help tune the acoustics of the head. The sound and feel of the Epic Flash was perhaps the only thing that held it back from being the perfect driver.

Therefore, Callaway used A.I. to optimise the internal structure and position of numerous ribs to create an immensely satisfying sound and feel.

Callaway Mavrik Drivers 4

In addition to all the remarkable new technologies in MAVRIK, we have some of the mainstays of Callaway’s driver designs over the last few years.

Jailbreak features two internal bars behind the face that connect the sole and crown to promote faster ball speed, while the T2C triaxial carbon crown is significantly lighter than a titanium crown, allowing weight to be redistributed to raise MOI and forgiveness.

Callaway Mavrik Drivers 5

A big change with MAVRIK, however, is its Cyclone Aero shape. This drastic alteration to what has gone before decreases drag for increased clubhead speed. 

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The Cyclone shape is shallower from front to back, with a flatter crown, and a sole design that sweeps upward dramatically in the rear to create a markedly higher trailing edge.

Callaway Mavrik Drivers 6

The Mavrik line consists of three distinct heads.

The Mavrik has fixed 5g weight positioned at the sole’s back-centre, to promote mid-level spin and a moderate draw bias and will likely be the one to suit most golfers.

Callaway Mavrik Drivers 7

Like all of Callaway’s Sub Zero models from the past five years, MAVRIK Sub Zero offers a remarkable combination of low spin and high MOI.

The slightly smaller (450cc) head features two interchangeable screws in the front and back, 14g and 2g, to promote changes to launch angle and spin-rate.

Generally this model will be reserved for better players and those of you with faster swing speeds.

Callaway Mavrik Drivers 8

Last, but by no means least, we have the MAVRIK MAX. If you are looking for a long, easy-to-hit driver with the ability to reduce slices off the tee then this is the ticket for you.

It has the largest footprint of the three models, boasts the highest MOI, is the easiest to launch, and has the most draw bias capability.


MAX also incorporates two interchangeable weights, 14g and 2g, positioned in the sole near the heel and centre-back. Installing the heavier weight in the heel creates maximum draw bias, while installing it in the back creates a silly amount of forgiveness.

Callaway truly believes that the MAVRIK drivers offer complete performance. No matter what you are in search of from your next driver, these big sticks will deliver the goods.

Available: January 23

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