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Where Trump International Golf Links Scotland
 August 2016
 Dry, slight breeze, firm ground


Cleveland RTX-3 – 50˚ (bent to 49˚)

Length ¼-inch long
Lie Angle
2˚ upright
True Temper Dynamic Gold S300
Golf Pride MCC Blue/Black – two tapes
Raw (available in 2017)

Cleveland RTX-3 – 54˚

Length ¼-inch long
Lie Angle
1˚ upright
True Temper Dynamic Gold S300
Grip Golf Pride MCC Blue/Black – two tapes
Raw (available in 2017)



There are a few contenders for key feature in the Cleveland RTX-3 wedges but the new Feel Balancing Technology leads the way.

It’s a technology based around where weight sits in the head and the first Cleveland RTX-3 wedge I picked up on the range to try it out was a stock 56˚. I started off with a few duffs but, it was short-lived and I started to hit them nicely as I made my way through some of the different lofts.

The 56˚ was followed by a 58˚, then a 60˚ before switching to the 48˚. All in, I spent around 40 minutes on the range and ended up playing around 60 balls.

Being honest, I was hitting them all over the face during that time. I tend to play well with wedges around the green but the further I move out, the more unpredictable the result can be.

The wedges felt nice on short shots and it quickly became easy to judge how far I had to fly the ball in the air to stop it close. On longer shots I felt like I was hitting more of them where I wanted them to go. My wayward shots became a much smaller issue, which was a real bonus.

Once I had been custom-fitted into the right specs, listed above, my initial thoughts were backed up as I took my Cleveland RTX-3 wedges onto the course. I actually felt like I was hitting the fitted version even better and the feel remained a lot better than in the RTX 2.0.

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The feature I liked most was the RTX face. I was getting much more spin than before and it was very noticeable when I found the green. I have to admit, though, it did take a while to get used to.

Normally I would try to judge pitches with the five-yard run out my previous wedges were giving. With the Cleveland RTX-3 wedges my shots were stopping quickly and even spinning back at times. I left myself a few lengthy putts on the course before I was able to adjust but, once I did, I felt much more confident with a wedge in my hand.


I was a big fan of the finish on the Cleveland RTX-3 wedges, too. My wedges were built with the Raw finish that rusts over time. It’s the first time I’d used that kind of finish and I thought it looked great behind the ball.

I had the chance to try the Tour Satin and Black Pearl finishes in the initial range session, too. Out of all three, I’d say the Black Pearl slightly edged it in my personal preference but everyone will have their own opinion on which one they like best.

Cleveland Golf


Did they work? Yes. Did they look good? Yes. Would I recommend them? Absolutely. As I said above they helped my short game a lot and improved my confidence, too.

Even when I didn’t hit them well, I was able to get away with it and that was a real positive. The RTX-3 wedges worked great for me and I can guarantee I won’t be the only one to see an improvement.

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For prices and specs, click here.

To find your nearest Cleveland club stockist and fitter, visit Cleveland Golf’s Stockist Locator here.

For more information about the Cleveland RTX-3 wedges, read our launch story here.

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