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We’ve heard what the best in the world think. 

Rory McIlroy believes the introduction of new rules to roll back the distance the golf ball can travel in the air will make golf more entertaining to watch at the top level.

On Wednesday, the R&A and USGA confirmed that the major rule change will limit distances for the elite game from January 2028, and for recreational players in 2030.

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• Debate: Will the golf ball rollback be good for the game?

Keegan Bradley, who is among the top pros who will lose up to 15 yards off the tee, has called the decision to restrict amateurs “monstrous.”

The equipment manufacturers who will have to fundamentally change their ways have also had their say.

But what about the amateurs? The obsessive regulars and the weekend hackers will have up to five yards shaved off their drives, according to the R&A and USGA’s research.

So we asked the regular golfer how they feel about the game-changing news that will also impact them.

• Reaction: Equipment brands respond to rule change

Major tours respond to landmark rule change

Here’s a flavour of the best reactions…

Simon Hall

For the likes of us normal golfers, it won’t make a blind bit of difference due to our slower swing speeds. With regards to the pros, just bring up the rough and make bunkers proper hazards to stop them thinking they’ll be fine if they go in them

Bobby Holms 

Extremely harsh on the average golfer if, like me, he/she loses distance with age. We like to think we can continue to obtain some enjoyment from a game we love.

James Barrett

Fantastic idea – my duck hook into the woods will only go 10 yards in, instead of 20 or 30 with the new balls…

Mark Dwyer

Shouldn’t be for us amateurs, like taking the thrill or fun out of it for us.

Gwnfor Higgins

Considering the professional golfer was making a mockery of our championship courses throughout the world,something had to be done. You can’t keep increasing the length of courses just to cater for the big hitters of the game.Not a big enough change for me anyway

Alex Burnett 

It’s the same rules for everyone you’re playing against. Over the same course and generally the same conditions. It’ll still come down to ability no matter what. It’s not a big deal.

Ben Wood

We’ll be alright, and within a few rounds, and certainly by the end of a full season following the rollback, we will have forgotten the difference.

Brantley Tribble

After learning that it won’t affect me for at least 4-6 more years, AND that the top pros will only lose up to 15 yards on their drives, AND that it’s meant to not have any impact on clubs shorter than 5 iron, AND that a large portion of balls currently in circulation and production will meet the new standards… I don’t really care, and anyone who isn’t a pro really shouldn’t care that much either.

Neil Moore

Losing 5-10 yards for an amateur golfer really is nothing at all to be worrying about and something that doesn’t come into play until 2030 is hardly even worth worrying about.

Donald Sinclair

Doesn’t make any difference in the real world- what % of amateur players hit consistently enough to notice?!

Bob Dias

It’s a solution in search of a problem. Let the pros go back to 300cc drivers or persimmon woods.

Mark Glover

Not as bad as I thought given it’s a lot less of a rollback than I originally thought. It’s that less that I don’t see the point.

Lance Ridge

It’s a solution to a non existent problem in the amateur game…. I’ve played with plenty of guys who who can hit it a long ways….. They bomb their drive, try and smash a wedge or short iron miss the green, chip, 2 putt, make bogey…. And do it again on the next hole.

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