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It’s red versus blue and old versus new! The TaylorMade Qi10 driver has hit the driving range this year, but how does it stack up compared to the TaylorMade Stealth? We put them head-to-head to find out.  

At the start of 2022, TaylorMade launched their first ever carbonwood, the TaylorMade Stealth. At the time, this was a huge step for the brand and it certainly made headlines. The red carbon face was eye-catching and clearly performed well, making its way into the bag of the likes of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. But a lot has changed since January 2022.  

This year saw the release of the TaylorMade Qi10 driver. On first sight, there’s a clear difference, as the blue face replaces the red look they had used in the past generations. As well as that, TaylorMade say this driver is more forgiving and stable than its predecessor. Once again, this line has been very successful on tour, with the same superstars opting to play it.  

But, should you be upgrading your TaylorMade Stealth driver for a TaylorMade Qi10 driver? We looked at the performance of each to see if it’s worth changing. 

TaylorMade Stealth driver v TaylorMade Qi10 driver 

Credit: TaylorMade
TaylorMade Stealth image
TaylorMade Stealth
A driver with plenty of speed that still performs well in 2024.


  • Carbon face allows for weight to be well distributed
  • Very fast ball speeds especially from the sweet spot
  • Twist Face and Thru Slot Speed Pocket work to keep mishits on track


  • Not as forgiving on heel strikes
  • The red face isn't to everyone's taste
Available for £319 from TaylorMade

The TaylorMade Stealth range made headlines in 2022 and it's no wonder. It was the first driver to feature carbon in place of titanium and that carbon presented itself in a striking red colour.

While these are now common place on tee boxes around the world, two years ago, it was something none of us had seen before. The likes of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods had one of these in play and some tour pros are still gaming it. So how does the technology stack up today?

Compared to the previous TaylorMade model, the SIM2, this benefited from the new carbon face, as more weight was able to be positioned low and deep in the club head. On the golf course, this equated to higher levels of MOI (more on this phrase later!), which made it more forgiving. Also, this driver provided a little more spin than the SIM2 model.

The shape of this driver was important too, as the Asymmetric Inertia Generator allowed for increased speeds on the downswing. Of course, increased speed means more distance!

It would be fair to say, however, that even in two years, technology has progressed enough to make a tangible difference to the performance in TaylorMade drivers.

Credit: TaylorMade
TaylorMade Qi10 image
TaylorMade Qi10
The latest and greatest from TaylorMade that excels in every category.


  • Incredibly forgiving
  • A larger (but still carbon) crown
  • Explosively fast ball speeds
  • Very easy on the eye


  • Acoustics won't be for everyone, but we get on well with it
Available for £499 from TaylorMade

One of the biggest launches in golf this year came from TaylorMade with the Qi10 range and we are big fans. It's no surprise that almost everyone who used a TaylorMade Stealth driver in the past is now gaming a TaylorMade Qi10. Let's take a closer look at the technology under the carbon crown.

Firstly, this driver's big selling point is the fact that it is extremely forgiving. The Max model features 10,000 MOI, which is the most forgiving driver that TaylorMade has ever made. In this test, we put the two core models up against each other, so they're not quite as forgiving, but this is still going to give a huge helping hand on any mishits.

Also, the increase in carbon on the crown is a big positive. 97% of the crown of this driver is made up of carbon, which allows weight to be better distributed around the head. This has allowed TaylorMade to lower the centre of gravity in this driver head, which helps to increase launch and ultimately increase distance off the tee.

Internally, there is a new ledge design that houses the face in a position that flexes on impact, which helps to maintain and transfer energy for better speed off the face. 

More forgiveness, great stability and explosive speed. A cracking option for 2024.


If you want to watch me hitting both of these drivers, with numbers included in a simulator, then the video is HERE.

If you want to read about my thoughts, here's what I think of them both. Firstly, the TaylorMade Qi10 range is hugely popular and it's for good reason. For me, the standout comes in stability and forgiveness in the Qi10 range. The weight placement increases MOI throughout the range and it really sets the Qi10 apart from previous TaylorMade models.

It's not just forgiveness either, but the speed gains were clear to see in my testing. As you'll see in the video, the grouping from me shots with the Qi10 was not only tighter, but they were flying further, too.

The feeling off this club face and the forgiveness it produces is sensational. In my eyes, the distance, dispersion and speed that you see from this makes it worth the upgrade.

In saying that, I do still love the Stealth. It launches high and when you really get it out of the screws, the ball goes like a bullet. If you're price sensitive and like the look of the Stealth, I really would say it's a great option.

But, if you're someone who has a TaylorMade Stealth and you want an upgrade, you will love the TaylorMade Qi10 driver.

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