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Comfort is once again a standout feature with Skechers’ GO GOLF 2021 collection, but just how well did the brand’s latest models stack up when our readers put them to test?

Skechers Readers Test 2

Craig Crawford – Elite Tour SL

I was naturally quite sceptical about these shoes, as Skechers is a brand that I have never worn in the past. Any doubts I had, however, quickly evaporated.

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They look like a modern version of a traditional golf shoe, which I love. When wearing them the first thing I noticed was how comfortable they were.

Normally I have to break golf shoes in to avoid getting blisters, but I had no such issues with the Elite. They are super comfortable, giving a cushioned feel around my feet throughout the round. Plus, the grip was great.


If I had to rate them it is an easy 10/10. A great modern looking design, the comfort is second to none and the performance so far has been brilliant.

Skechers Readers Test 3

Sheena Moore – Max Sport

These golf shoes blew me away. The comfort and support are like nothing I have ever experienced before, and at the end of my rounds my feet are not the least bit tired.

The grip on offer was excellent for spikeless shoes, with no slippage whatsoever. I had real confidence when tackling the undulations on the course.

Plus I like the fact they leave no dimples/impressions on the greens. Another big plus is the very stylish and eye-catching colour scheme. My playing partners were commenting on their sleek design. They are such fantastic shoes.

Skechers Readers Test 4

William McGrath – Elite Tour SL

I’m a big Skechers fan. A few seasons ago I started wearing the original Go Golf Elite, and they were probably the best golf shoes I have ever owned.

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It was the instant feeling of comfort that blew me away. Thankfully, with this new model, it is largely the same story. Comfort is what I look for most in a pair of golf shoes and the Elite Tour SL
delivers it in spades. The feeling of support is also top notch.

I have struggled with ankle issues in the past but throughout this year I have had no problems on the course. I’ll continue wearing Skechers as they give me absolutely everything I need when playing golf.

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