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Many of you will soon be facing the unfortunate prospect of playing off mats and this simple-but-brilliant product is a ‘must have’ for the winter months.

The USP of the Spurk Golf Strike Mat is that it doesn’t move at all.

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Although mats are a necessary evil in order to protect courses, a moving mat is undoubtedly one of the most annoying and off-putting aspects of playing golf throughout the winter.

Spurk Golf 2

The spikes on the under-side of the Spurk mat ensure you have a stable and solid surface as you set up to and strike the golf ball.

The mat’s rigid body and six spikes lock into the fairway at an angle, giving an authentic lie and a secure, fixed surface.

This provides full fairway protection and even some course aeration, but crucially doesn’t disrupt your shot.

With a lightweight, portable design and measuring in at just 310mm x 110mm, these mats are perfectly designed for the golf course.

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Of course, you can and probably will end up using the mat for practice at home as well.

Spurk Golf 3

Made with quality injection moulding and manufactured in the UK, the mats are finished with a choice of long and short grass lengths to suit a your personal preference.

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Also, these cleverly designed mats cost only £24.99 A small price to pay if you want to enjoy your golf over the winter that little bit more, all while giving you added confidence to strike it as sweetly as you would from a perfect lie in the fairway.

Price: £24.99

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