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Vice Golf has decided to once again up its golf ball game with the introduction of five re-engineered models that will cater for every kind of golfer, all while not breaking the bank.

Now before we run into what’s new with these golf balls, and which one might be your ticket to lower scores, it is worth pointing out that the German based, direct-to-consumer brand is sticking to its roots and continues to offer exceptional value for money with a stylish flare.

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The cut price is of course one of the big draws of purchasing some of these golf balls but don’t be fooled into thinking your getting any less bang for your buck. These golf balls are precision engineered to offer fantastic performance.

Vice Golf Balls 2020 2

Vice PRO PLUS 2020

Vice says the 4-piece PRO PLUS, with its cast urethane cover, outshines its predecessor on ball speed, driver carry- and total distance as well as in mid-iron ball speed and distance.

It is designed primarily for long hitters and athletic players who require a golf ball tailored to towards their high clubhead speed. It provides maximum distance off the tee without sacrificing on spin and feel around the green.

Vice Golf Balls 2020 3

The High Energy Speed Core (HESC) has increased in size and has a higher compression that provides these golfers with that added distance from the tee, while the thinner inner mantle and thicker outer mantle serve to also boost ball speed and deliver consistent spin with your driver and irons.

Vice also says it has significantly improved the durability of the extremely thin cast urethane cover. It is this super-thin cover that provides such fantastic control and stopping power while chipping and attacking the pin from short range. 

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The final improvement with the Vice PRO PLUS is a new alignment stamp. The extra-long and highly visible “Keep In Line” (KIL) putting line has sharp edges that have been developed in collaboration with amateurs and teaching professionals to meet the highest putting and alignment needs.

Price: £29.88 per dozen (£25.08 per dozen when purchasing 5 dozen or more)
Available: white, neon lime and neon red

Vice Golf Balls 2020 4

Vice PRO 2020

The new PRO remains Vice’s go-to ball for everyone from scratch players to mid and high handicappers seeking a perfect combination of distance off the tee and high spin around the green.

Designed primarily for medium to high swing speeds, it is a 3-piece cast urethane ball that will feel softer than its PRO PLUS counterpart.

The new DuPont Surlyn used in the mantle cover minimises driver spin and increases ball flight stability, plus the layer is more easily activated thanks to its decreased compression. The mantle and overall compression have moved down from 85 to 80 and 95 to 90 respectively meaning softer feel.

We also have the KIL-putting stamp and improved durability like the PRO PLUS.

Price: £29.88 per dozen (£25.08 per dozen when purchasing 5 dozen or more)
Available: white, neon lime and neon red

Vice Golf Balls 2020 5

Vice PRO SOFT 2020

Rounding out Vice’s PRO line-up is the 3-Piece, cast urethane covered PRO SOFT. It has been designed for golfers with medium and low swing speeds (<95mph driver swing speed) who have high requirements for distance off the tee and soft feel and spin around the green.

Unsurprisingly it too has the KIL putting stamp and the urethane cover formulation has also been poured over to ensure greater levels of durability.

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Vice has switched from the previously used 336 dimple pattern to a 318 pattern to deliver more ball speed and distance.

The bigger core and mantle size result in higher core and mantle weight, but this is offset by smaller cover size and lower weight. Similarly to the PRO, the mantle has been altered to minimise driver spin and increase ball flight stability.

Price: £29.88 per dozen (£25.08 per dozen when purchasing 5 dozen or more)
Available: white, neon lime and neon red (New colors will be added shortly)

Vice Golf Balls 2020 6

Vice TOUR 2020

Here we have a mid-range ball that is designed to cover just about every base. It will offer distance from the tee, great spin around the green, a soft feel and is fantastic value for money.

As soon as you strike this ball you will appreciate the soft feel at impact thanks to the low compression, which allows for aggressive approach shots to the green and opens up birdie opportunities.

The extra thin DuPont Surlyn cover offers high durability and is extremely resistant to wear and tear and cuts. The deep 392 dimple design is aerodynamically aligned to ensure a consistent and stable ball flight with minimal lateral movement.

Price: £20.28 per dozen (£16.68 per dozen when purchasing 5 dozen or more)
Available: white only

Vice Golf Balls 2020 7

Vice DRIVE 2020

Last but by no means least we have Vice’s pure distance ball. Numerous changes to the 2-piece construction result in more length from the tee as well as a softer feel and more spin compared to the previous model.

Vice changed to a large 312 dimple pattern from the previous 392 pattern because testing showed better results. The increase in the diameter of dimples reduces air resistance to a minimum and results in a more stable trajectory and higher ball speed.

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The decreased core compression, meanwhile, results in softer feel off the club face, yet outstanding total distance thanks to a size-maximized core.

If you’re a beginner, just an occasional golfer, price conscious or just want to smash it far then is the Vice ball for you.

Price: £14.28 per dozen (£11.88 per dozen when purchasing 5 dozen or more)
Available: white only

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