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We always strongly suspected that our readers were a knowledgeable, insightful bunch. Now, we’ve got the stats to back it up!

An independent survey, carried out by industry experts Sports Marketing Surveys Inc, has shed new light on the profile and habits of bunkered readers – and the results make for fascinating reading.

The survey found that:

• 89% of bunkered readers are golf club members

• 93% are core golfers playing more than once a month

• 52% play more than once per week

• 55% earn more than the UK national average

• 81% are aged between 25 and 64

What’s more, the average handicap of a bunkered reader is 14.1 – significantly better than the UK average of 17.

Bryce Ritchie, bunkered editor, welcomed the results of the research, which was carried out over a two-month period earlier this year.

“Considering the well-documented downturn in golf memberships across the country and the rise of the nomadic golfer, it was extremely heartening to see the result of this research,” said Ritchie. “It shows that bunkered readers are knowledgeable, dedicated and actively engaged golfers who continue to invest their time and money in the sport, both in Scotland and overseas.”

That last point is supported by other findings from the research into the travel habits of bunkered readers. It found:

• 98% of bunkered readers go on golf trips in Scotland

• 86% would be willing to travel more than 1.5 hours

• 61% will go on at least one overseas golf trip each year

The research also found that bunkered readers have spent over £30MILLION on golf trips in the last 12 months and accounted for 122,604 day trips and 32,110 overnight trips in Scotland last year.

“These travel figures confirm there is a huge appetite with our audience to travel both at home and abroad,” added Ritchie. “Scottish golfers continue to make up the largest percentage of golf tourists in Scotland and it is important that businesses recognise the importance of marketing themselves at home as well as to golfers from further afield.”

“With golf tourism estimated to be worth in the region of £286m to the Scottish economy, it is vital that we captialise on the value of both domestic and overseas golfers and, with Scotland enjoying a summer of golf, all eyes have been on what our country has to offer. There has never been a better time to capture this interest in golf and reach out to golfers both on our doorstep as well as from further afield.”

The SMS Inc survey also delivered other important information on buying habits and social media preferences that will allow bunkered to continue to evolve its print, digital and social platforms.

Summary of SMS Key Findings: May 2018

bunkered magazine

• 93% are core golfers playing more than once a month

• 89% are members of golf clubs

• 52% play more than once a week

• 14.1 average handicap (UK average: 17)

• 81% are aged between 25-64

• 55% earn more than the UK national average

• 51% attend professional golf events


• Spend over £6million on golf equipment every year

Travel (Home)

• 122,604 golf day trips in Scotland in the last 12 months

• 32,110 overnight golf trips in Scotland in the last 12 months

• £18.5million spent on Scottish golf day/overnight trips each year

Travel (Overseas)

• 61% of readers go on golf holidays abroad

• 90% go on min 4-night trips with 64% min 6-night trips

• £12.9million spent on overseas golf holidays every year


bunkered readers spent over £37million on golf-related products and services in the last 12 months

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