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Home-schooling your kids because of the coronavirus pandemic?

We’re here to help.

Every day this week, we are uploading FREE educational content specifically for kids who would otherwise be at school. 

The idea is to keep young uns’ brains ticking over and make learning at home both fun and different, whilst also giving them a little bit of golf knowledge that they might not previously have had. You can find more about the School of Golf here.

In the meantime, let’s get going with today’s lesson…



For ages


Time required

30 minutes

What you’ll need

• A pen / pencil
• A sheet of paper to write down your answers as you go

You’ll find a link to the answers at the end of the test.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. “The Claret Jug, awarded to the winner of The Open Championship, is one of the most prestigious trophies in golf.” 

Which one of these words is a synonym of “prestigious”?

A. Distinguished
B. Dainty
C. Diligent

2. “They’re/There/Their are over 500 golf courses in Scotland?”

Which of the following is correct in this context?

A. They’re
B. There
C. Their

3. “The Solheim Cup is a team matchplay competition between Europe and the USA that occurs every two years.”

Which one of these words represents something that “occurs every two years”

A. Biennial
B. Biannual
C. Duennial

4. “Rory McIlroy won his first major championship at the 2011 US Open.”

Which one of the words in the above sentence is the verb?

A. At
B. First
C. Won

5. “The 2019 Scottish Open ____ won by Austrian golfer Bernd Wiesberger.”

Which one of the following words completes the sentence?

A. Was
B. Be
C. Were

6. “Has Rickie Fowler won a major?” “No, he ________, but he has won five times on the PGA Tour.”

Which of the following completes the sentence?

A. has
B. hasn’t
C. haven’t

7. “Augusta National is renowned for being in immaculate condition when it stages The Masters every April.”

Which one of the following words is the opposite of “immaculate”?

A. Pristine
B. Damaged
C. Perfect

8. “Four-time major champion Ernie Els is from South Africa and has the nickname ‘The Big Easy’.”

Which of the following is a synonym for “nickname”?

A. Sobriquet
B. Doppelgänger
C. Malaise

9. “The basic ________ of a Stroke Index is to rank the difficulty of the ______ on a golf course.”

Which words complete this sentence?

A. principal, holes
B. principle, holes
C. principle, wholes

10. “Zach Johnson won The Masters in 2007, and The Open in 2015.” 

Which of the words in the sentence above is a conjunction?

A. won
B. in
C. and


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