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Take our test below to work out which of the three golfers in the movie you have the most in common with…

Q1: What is your favourite noise on the golf course?

A: The sound of warm applause from the galleries after I hole another birdie putt.

B: There should be no noise on a golf course. If I could, I’d silence the birds in the trees.

C: Laughter. We’re here for a good time not a long time, right?

Q2: What do you like to wear on the golf course?

A: It’s not my clothes but the shots that I hit that matter.

B: Smart slacks, a pressed polo shirt and shoes so bright I can see my glorious visage in the reflection.

C: Think Payne Stewart, crossed with Ian Poulter, crossed with Lady Gaga. Something like that.

Q3: Your ball is sitting well down in the rough. No one is looking. Do you try and sneakily improve your lie?

A: Absolutely not. Golf is a game of honour, honesty and integrity.

B: You’ve seen me play before, haven’t you?

C: My friend, you must be mistaken. My ball isn’t in the rough. I never miss a fairway.

Q4: What do you typically tip your caddie?

A: The going rate. Maybe a little more if we win.

B: Tip? TIP?! I’m the one hitting the shots. He should be tipping me!

C: It varies. But I usually need a chequebook to cover the cost.

Q5: Describe your ideal playing partner in three words.

A: A fellow pro.

B: Rich, like me.

C: Fun, friendly, low-maintenance. Wait… is that four words?

Q6: Complete the sentence: the perfect golf club is _______

A: Is frequented by the PGA Tour.

B: Is reserved for important people, like my friends and I… but mainly me.

C: Has a jukebox.

Q7: What’s the worst thing about golf?

A: The limited number of tour cards available.

B: The steady infiltration of riff-raff an other unworthy folks.

C: Traditions, blazers and committees.

Q8: How would you like to be remembered?

A: #GOAT – that’s Greatest Of All Time in modern speak.

B: By the letters both in front of and after my name.

C: With a kick-ass party.

And the results…

Mostly As


You’re Ty Webb, a tremendous golfer who just needs a little bit of good fortune to get onto the tour where you belong.

Mostly Bs


You’re Judge Smails, uptight, snobby and about as welcoming as an electric fence and a sign saying ‘Keep Out’. Have a word.

Mostly Cs


You’re Al Czervik, everybody’s pal, the life and soul of the party. Just remember: it’s okay to be serious once in a while.

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