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Correct hip rotation is key in any golf swing. Your hips are the pivot point for your legs and body.

If done correctly, they will keep your swing centered and structured,
and help give you a much better position for power, consistency and
accuracy, particularly for iron play.

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If your hips move from side to side, the tendency is for the upper
body to tilt in the opposite direction. Next time you are practising in
the sunshine, look at the ground and in particular your shadow.

Your silhouette can give you so much information about your swing. Place two golf balls just outside your shadow’s hips and try confining your hip rotation to within the space defined by the golf balls.

This is a great way to check if you are shifting from side to side, as it allows you to focus on the swing, but check your movement at the same time.


Get a routine that works

Tempo is hugely important. And it doesn’t just start with the golf
swing; it starts further back. Tiger Woods went about ten years with the
exact same tempo.

For example, the time he took from ‘calling’ the shot to addressing
the ball was the same for over a decade. These guys really do work very
hard on all aspects of their game.

If you’re under pressure, it’s so easy to get quick on your set-up,
and also your swing. When you’re under pressure, you start breathing
faster and you start getting nervous, so it’s important to have
checkpoints that help you create a better chance of having the same

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Your pre-shot routine is the trigger for that. Most guys on tour will
use putting their glove on as the trigger, moving in, having practice
swings, then going for it. Whatever works for you is fine. A routine
helps you prepare. Just keep it short and simple so that it’s easily

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