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An athletic posture is essential to providing a dynamic base from which to swing.

By creating a straight spine angle at set-up, body angles can be retained throughout the movement to produce powerful, accurate and consistent results.

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It is essential that the weight remains towards the balls of the feet, encouraging the correct weight shift, while the chin being raised from the chest allows for an uninhibited shoulder turn.

Through the retention of height/body angles, the width of arc can be maintained to deliver a more consistent and powerful contact.

Weight shift

The weight positioned towards the balls of the feet affords a stable base that allows for the retention of balance during the weight shift of the swing. The chin up off the chest provides a straight spine angle that can be retained throughout the course of the movement.

Don’t slouch

If your back is curved over and chin is on the chest, you may force the body up during the backswing as you try to find room. This creates inconsistency through impact.

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Posture drill

Every time you setup to the ball, imagine an alignment stick working its way down your back. You want to swing around the alignment stick, without altering your spine angle. And the final check, make sure your chin us up! 

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