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By Reader Graham Cantlay

I love going on holiday as much as the next guy. Throw in some golf in the sun and you’re guaranteed a pretty good time. But it does come with the odd hassle, let’s be honest.

When I booked my trip to Portugal, specifically Quinta do Lago, for October last year, I knew I was effectively guaranteed some sunshine.

Days were planned by the pool, by the beach, maybe a bit of travelling, but mainly a lot of relaxing. In that seven-day spell, I was pretty sure I could sort out three rounds of golf.

With a wife and two kids in tow, plus two pals in the same boat, I was excited about the trip but wary of the ensuing hassle that comes with carting your golf clubs about – and, of course, I’d heard horror stories of never seeing them again.

Clubsto Hire1

Then I heard that I could actually rent clubs when I arrived and immediately take out all the hassle of transporting my golf bag to another country. Seems like a good deal.

I’m a golfer, not especially mad-keen, but I call myself a golfer. I play as much as I can, which is probably about ten times in the summer months, and maybe the odd round in the colder months.

Getting a few rounds in the sun during October was too good an opportunity to pass up for a guy like me. My gear is okay, as I tend not to invest too much in my clubs as I simply don’t play enough.
My driver is old, my irons are even older and my bag has seen better days.

Clubsto Hire2

When I was told about Clubs to Hire, I had no clue about what to expect. I was impressed that
I could pick what brand I would like and that I was getting top-of-the-range clubs.

Despite all the benefits that were staring me in the face, I admit that I was excited I’d be hiring clubs that were better than mine!

Organising the hire was easy. I just followed the steps online and boarded my flight. Everything was waiting for me when I walked into the Clubs to Hire shop inside the terminal building at Faro Airport.

When we landed in Faro, I even got to choose what putter I wanted – and there was plenty to choose from. The shop looks like any normal golf shop, but better. It isn’t short on stock, either.

Clubsto Hire3

You have so much to choose from, and all golfers are catered for. The guy behind me had used the service for years and said I wouldn’t regret not having my own clubs. “This is the future of golf holidays, “ he said with a smile.

I made good pals with the girl behind the desk, who was extremely helpful and asked me all about the holiday and where we were playing. She seemed impressed by the courses we had picked to play that week, which got me even more excited.

I was in the shop for around ten minutes and then I was on my way. No hanging around waiting (and praying) for my golf bags to arrive from outsize luggage and no having to drag two kids about the airport with three suitcases plus a set of clubs. Having the airport pick-up was ridiculously easy.

Clubsto Hire4

The clubs were great and I admit it was quite an experience playing with gear that was genuinely superior to mine. When you throw in the fact that I also saved myself £35 in airline fees for my clubs, it was a week that ticked all the boxes.

I’m returning to Portugal again in October to play some different courses this year and I will definitely be using Clubs to Hire once again.

If you’re sick of lugging your clubs from country to country, help is at hand. I honestly can’t recommend this service enough. It really is the future!

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