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In the winter, there’s often going to be wind picking up, so having the ability to keep the ball low is crucial.

That gives you a lot more control over it. My go-to shot is to get it a bit lower, keeping the trajectory down and feeling like you’re punching it with a three-quarter swing.

You can hit a punch with any of your irons, but it’s important to remember that every club is going to come out lower. If you punch a 7-iron, it’s going to have a similar trajectory to a 5-iron.

• Rotate with the driver

You don’t need to have the visualisation that you’re actually punching something, you want to keep it smooth, as it’s all about keeping control. You don’t need to be hitting it as hard as you possibly can, that will just add spin, and that’s not what you want.

Ailsa Knock Down Shot Set Up



You want to get the ball further back in your stance than normal. That’s going to be closer to your trail heel. 


You want to get your hands further forward, beside your front thigh. That will get the shaft leaning forward, and will help keep the ball flight low. 


The point of hitting this shot is to keep it under control, so you want to keep the swing short. Feel like it’s a three-quarter swing, and swing with more control.

Ailsa Knock Down Shot Impact

This tip first appeared in the bunkered Winter Guide 2022/2023. To subscribe, click here. International subscriptions also available.

Ailsa Murphy is a PGA teaching professional at Peebles Golf Club.

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