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Over the past few years, we have seen Callaway make significant strides with its golf ball technology, and now we have three re-engineered Chrome Soft models to sink our teeth into in 2022.

The company has spent in excess of $50m in recent years to advance the capabilities, precision and quality of its Chicopee ball plant in Massachusetts.

The improvements made are evidenced not only by the Chrome Soft’s growing popularity amongst everyday golfers but by the incredible success the 2020 models experienced on tour, highlighted by Jon Rahm and Phil Mickelson’s respective major victories in 2021.

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To elevate the 2022 models beyond their predecessors, Callaway decided to focus on something that it is calling ‘Precision Technology.’

Bear with me: I’m going to get a little geeky…

Callaway Chrome Soft 22 2

Modern day, tour-quality golf balls are multi-layered constructions that go through numerous manufacturing stages and processes before they end up in our golf bags.

Due to their multi-layer construction, an important factor within the performance of every ball is something known as Concentricity Offset – basically, how ‘centred’ the core is within the ball. 

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Even the smallest discrepancy can have a significant impact on performance. Think of it this way: if you were to approach a ball with an off-centre core as it lay on the fairway, you could see variations in speed of almost 3mph, roughly 2˚ higher or lower launch, and a difference of more than 1,000rpm in backspin, all stemming from nothing more than way that ball was sitting. That can be the difference between a good shot and a bad one.

The mantle and cover layers also have to be uniform to ensure the consistency we all need when we’re trying to find a tight fairway or attacking a tucked pin.

Callaway Chrome Soft 22 Tech

So, how has Callaway tackled this issue?

Remember that $50million investment I mentioned earlier? That’s how. Each Chrome Soft ball produced within the Chicopee plant is 3D X-rayed in 4K HD. “If you can’t see it, you can’t measure it” is Callaway’s mantra.

On a good day, Callaway will carry out over 400,000 X-rays, allowing the brand to hit new heights of consistency and quality control.

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The outcome of this new Precision Technology is consistently fast ball speed, tight dispersion and consistent performance from every single ball.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the three models in the 2022 line-up…

Callaway Chrome Soft 22 1

Chrome Soft

Of the three models, the Chrome Soft is the one that has undergone the biggest under-the-hood changes. Compared to Chrome Soft 20, the Chrome Soft 22 is longer through the bag while retaining its signature soft feel.

This latest iteration of Callaway’s flagship ball is a three-piece construction as opposed to the four-piece of previous models. This may sound like a regression but, owing to the new materials and improved construction methodology, Callaway assures us that it’s anything but. A new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core has been engineered to deliver more distance and forgiveness without sacrificing on the soft feel that has made the Chrome Soft a ‘go to’ for so many golfers.

This new design also boasts a new Tour Aero dimple design to provide powerful ball flight and lower drag for greater overall distance.

Available in both TruVis and Triple Track options, the Chrome Soft will once again be the model to suit most golfers out there, with the changes Callaway has made also making it a better fit for slightly lower swing speed golfers.

Callaway Chrome Soft X 22

Chrome Soft X

With the 2022 edition of the Chrome Soft X, Callaway wanted to ensure it retained the spin profile that several of its tour players and better players have fallen in love with, while making it faster off the driver. After all, who doesn’t want to hit bigger drives?

To achieve this, a new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core has been engineered for improved speed and optimal spin rate, while the new Tour Aero package works to deliver a consistent ball flight, whatever the weather Gods decide to throw your way.

Callaway Chrome Soft X Ls 22

Chrome Soft X LS

The Chrome Soft X LS made quite an impact when it was launched in 2021, proving to be a real bomber’s option and a great fit for players who want less spin. For 2022, Callaway wanted to make it faster off the driver and provide more greenside spin.

Once again, it is Precision Technology and a new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core that combine for great speed and lower spin in this model. A new cover material, meanwhile, is why you can expect greater control around the greens.

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Both the LS and standard Chrome Soft X models will be available with Triple Track.

Regardless of which Chrome Soft model you decided to go with, you can expect a tour-ready ball of the highest quality every single time you have to pull a fresh one out of your bag.      

Available: February 18
Price: £50 (per dozen)

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