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Like their driver counterparts, the all-new Callaway Epic Flash fairway woods feature the brand’s groundbreaking new Flash Face Technology to help golfers of every level and swing speed get more ball speed and distance.

Callaway’s engineers took the insights they acquired from using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning to develop the new Flash Face and Flash Face Sub Zero drivers and then applied what they learned to create these incredibly long fairway woods.

Epic Flash Fw 2

Both the standard and Sub Zero models feature an ultra-thin, forged Carpenter 455 steel clubface that incorporates renowned Face Cup technology and new Flash Face technology.

• Callaway Epic Flash drivers – FIRST LOOK!

The result is a uniquely designed clubface that’s expressly engineered for high COR across a large area, to promote fast ball speed on both centre and off-centre hits.

Epic Flash Fw 3

The Flash Face in the fairways is noticeably different to that of its driver counterparts but is just as effective.

• What is Callaway’s Flash Face and how does it work?

“It is a different design to the Driver because it has to perform from both a tee shot and from a grassy lie. Impact positions are traditionally lower on the face in a fairway wood so the design needed to recognise this,” explained Dr. Alan Hocknell, Callaway’s senior vice president of R&D.

Epic Flash Fw 4

“As to why the design of the Epic Flash Fairway face is so different to look at (from the inside) we are not entirely sure. That’s the intriguing thing about AI design.

“The design process was similar to the Driver but it is part scary, part remarkable, that we have a face design that works amazingly well in Epic Flash Fairway Woods and we don’t 100% understand it.”

Epic Flash Fw 5

It isn’t simply that revolutionary new face, however, that is going to give you incredible distance off the tee and off the deck.

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Within the clubhead, Callaway’s innovative Jailbreak Technology is the engine that promotes increased ball speed. It features two internal bars that connect the crown to the sole, stabilising and stiffening those two parts, and allowing the face to take on greater impact load to generate faster ball speed.

Epic Flash Fw 6

Another standout feature of these new fairway woods in the new, lighter OptiFit Hosel. Having an adjustable hosel at your disposal is excellent for dialling in your ball flight, launch conditions and shot shape, but this technology often comes at a cost. Adjustable hosels add weight in a region of the clubhead where you don’t particularly want it. To maximise distance and forgiveness, golf club engineers aim to get as much weight as possible low and back in the clubhead.

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The weight savings (roughly eight grams when compared with the original Epic) that the new, lighter and shorter OptiFit hosel in the Epic Flash fairways offers is used to reposition the CG for easy launch and high, long-carrying flight. Not only that, the weight savings made it possible for Callaway to combine Jailbreak and adjustability for the first time ever in a fairway wood.

Epic Flash Fw 7

These fairways also feature Callaway’s triaxial carbon crown to help save even more weight that is then be repositioned low and back to boost the MOI and overall forgiveness.

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The standard model is going to be the easier to hit of the two models and will suit all types of golfers, from tour pros to high handicappers. It’s fixed back CG placement delivers a high launch that will send your wood shots into the sky, whether that be from the tee or off the deck.

Epic Flash Fw 8

The Sub Zero is the lower spinning option and features a more compact head shape that is better suited to lower handicaps and fast swing speeds.

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The Sub Zero also features adjustable sole weighting that consists of interchangeable 16- and 2-gram weights. Installing the heavy weight in the front location promotes lower spin and a flatter trajectory; installing the heavy weight in the back promotes easier launch and a higher trajectory.

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood

Available: In Stores – February 1
Price: £269
Loft Options: 3+ (13.5°), 3 (15°), 5 (18°), Heavenwood (20°), 7 (21°), 9 (23°), 11 (25°) – LH options 3, 5, Heavenwood & 7
Shaft Options: Project X Even Flow Green 40g (LL, W, A, R), 60g (A, R, S), Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 70g (R, S, X) Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70g (S, X), 80g (X)

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Fairway Wood

Available: In Stores – February 1
Price: £269
Loft Options: 3+ (13.5°), 3 (15°), 5 (18°) – LH options 3+ & 3
Shaft Options: Project X Even Flow Green 60g (R, S), Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 60g (R, S), 70g (R, S, X) Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70g (S, X), 80g (X)

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