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If you’re looking to invest in a new distance measuring device this year, then Shot Scope has everything you could ask for. Whether you’re looking for a rangefinder or a GPS watch, they will have you covered.  

But which of these options should you be selecting to help you on the course? It’s a difficult choice to make, and will really depend on personal preference.  

We’ve selected two of our favourite products from the Edinburgh-based brand and put them head-to-head, to see which one you should choose.

Credit: Shot Scope
Shot Scope PRO LX+ image
Shot Scope PRO LX+
A rangefinder that does virtually everything you could possibly need.


  • Precise yardage to every target on the course 
  • Fantastic clear display through the viewfinder  
  • Option for slope can be very useful, particularly if you play undulating courses 
  • Shot tracking is easy to enable and a great insight into your game  


  • The H4 will need charged regularly, but it’s a small price to pay
Available for £349.99 from Shot Scope

Shot Scope’s premium option, and a rangefinder I’ve used for the last two years on the course. It offers everything you would expect from a traditional rangefinder, as well as GPS capabilities, thanks to the H4 device, which is attached to the rangefinder underneath the viewfinder.
What really makes this special though, is the ability to track your stats through Shot Scope’s dedicated app. All you need to do is touch the end of your grip to the H4 before you play your shot, then play away as normal. The Shot Scope will do the rest.  
It’s very easy to set up the PRO LX+ to track your shots on the course and once you get started with this, you’ll probably not look back. The H4 will also give you GPS distances to the green, as well as to hazards on the course.
If you want a rangefinder that does pretty much everything for you, then look no further. 
• Shot Scope PRO LX+ review

Ease of use!
Credit: Shot Scope
Shot Scope X5 image
Shot Scope X5
If you want a GPS watch for the golf course, you'll not find better than this.


  • A very stylish option that you can wear away from the golf course too  
  • Dynamic yardages to front, middle and back of the green at a glance  
  • Easy to track your stats with tags in your clubs which automatically connect
  • The in-play scorecard is a great feature 


  • Some would rather play without a watch on their wrist
Available for £279.99 from Shot Scope

If you’re looking for a GPS watch, you'll struggle to find a better option than the Shot Scope X5. Not only is this stylish, but it’s incredibly functional and a massive help for golfers while they’re on the course.  
One thing I love about this watch is the ease of getting yardages to the green. If you want to know how far you have to the front, middle or back of the green, then you’ll see this at a glance. If you’re a long way out and don’t think an exact number to the pin is going to be helpful, then this is ideal.  
Another great feature this has, which puts it alongside the PROLX+, is the ability to track your stats on the course. As long as you have a Shot Scope tag in the end of your grip, then the X5 will pick up the club you’re using, and you won’t need to worry about a thing.  
When you’re finished on the course, you definitely don’t need to take your watch off, either, as this is a stylish option ready to be worn anywhere.
• Shot Scope X5 review


The rangefinder versus GPS watch debate is one that will continue to rage on and most likely, it’s going to come down to personal preference.  

Personally, I’ve used the Shot Scope PRO LX+ for around two years now and found it to be a fantastic addition to my bag. I’ve even credited it with getting my handicap down in the 2023 season, so for me, I’ll be sticking with that.  

One of the great advantages of the PRO LX+ is that you know you’re getting an exact yardage to the pin every time. If you’re at a new golf course, having this, along with the GPS numbers provided by the H4 on your rangefinder, is a combination I find works well for me.  

As well as that, although I need to touch the end of my grip to the H4 to track my shots, it’s something I've quickly incorporated into my pre-shot routine. On the odd occasion where I forget, it’s easy to add that shot into my round in the Shot Scope app. For me, it’s a winner. 

However, I know other people who prefer wearing the X5 watch on the course and I can absolutely see why. If you’re someone who likes to have the relevant distances at a glance, then this is a great option. As well as that, it’s a great looking bit of kit you can wear away from the course. Also, this makes tracking your stats very easy, you don’t need to think about it on the golf course. Just play as normal and the technology will do the rest.  

Another big plus of the Shot Scope X5 is the pin collect feature. Although the PRO LX+ can do this with the H4, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to have the H4 with you on the green, then having the watch makes this easy. Simply tap the watch after you hole out, and you’ll get super accurate readings on the green.  

What both these devices offer is access to the Shot Scope app, something which is hugely beneficial to anyone looking to improve their scores on the course. You’ll get access to thousands of stats on your game and will be able to compare yourself to other players in the Shot Scope database. Like I say, this really helped me to improve my game last season and I'm sure it will continue to do so.

Overall, both of these are fantastic products. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the PRO LX+, but if you’re someone who likes to wear a watch on the course, you won’t go wrong with the X5. Whichever one you pick, you’re going to be delighted.  

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