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I know what you’re thinking. ‘How to tie your golf shoe laces? Do you think I’m stupid?’ But before you click away in disgust – we didn’t know either! You see, it turns out we’ve all been doing it wrong… 

At the end of 2023, I was at Stoke Park for the launch of the new Under Armour Drive Pro golf shoes. I generally knew what to expect from the shoes themselves – UA’s technological advancements are always impressive – but what I didn’t expect was to come away with an entirely new way of lacing them up. 

As I was slipping into them for the first time, I became very aware of someone standing over me. It was JJ Rivet, who some of you might know as the biomechanistic who has worked with UA on their footwear for years. He was tutting his disapproval at my lacing technique – even though I was just lacing them the way I – and, presumably, we – have our entire lives. 

And while this is OK for everyday use, in sport it’s a very different story.

Look, enough waffling, let me just show you…

Why you’ve been tying your laces wrong!

It’s a very simple three-step process. First, create a loop at the top, then pull the laces through, and tie as normal…

How to tie your golf shoe laces

If that’s not enough, I’ve even put together this little video for you…

So why do we use this technique?

In golf, your feet want to move in a number of different directions – both on the backswing and the downswing. So why wouldn’t you want to have your foot securely locked in and supported? I know I do to make sure I’ve got as much grip as possible. 

With the above lacing system, the Drive Pro shoes secure each foot in such a way that the position of the traction design on the sole allows you to use the ground efficiently, which results in better traction, stability, and overall performance in the shoe, as well as more consistency and accuracy in your game. 

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And because we often try activities away from the golf course…

Does this technique work for other sports shoes?

Absolutely – it’s not just about how to tie your golf shoe laces.

Basically any sport or activity that requires a lot of lateral and multi-directional movement in your feet can utilise this lacing technique to ensure you get the best out of it.

So whether you play football, tennis, basketball, netball, cricket, rugby, or just enjoy going for a run every now and then, give it a try and see if it improves your performance. 

Under Armour Drive Pro review

So, the million dollar question: do they actually work? Our gear editor James Tait went to find out. Watch the video in the player below, or over on the bunkered YouTube channel

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James Tait is bunkered’s Gear Editor. Want to know how the latest Callaway driver, Vokey wedge or Scotty Cameron putter performs? He’s the guy to ask. Better yet, just watch his videos on the bunkered YouTube channel. One of the biggest hitters in the UK, James also competes on the World Long Drive circuit and is a descendent of former Amateur champion Freddie Tait.

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