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Stewart Golf is well known for its ultra-premium electric trolleys and now we have an all-new offering from the Gloucestershire based specialists. 

Over the past four years Stewart Golf’s design team has worked tirelessly on creating the Q Follow, ‘the world’s most compact follow trolley.’

Compact folding electric trolleys have soared in popularity in recent years so it comes as little surprise to see Stewart Golf get in on the action.

Let me run you through the wealth of features on offer with the Q Follow.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Review 4

Firstly it’s worth pointing out that it folds down on only a matter of seconds to a size small enough that it can be lifted one-handed, making it very practical both on and off the course.

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The all-new chassis, main support and handle are manufactured using a unique and lightweight microcellular composite structure. Not only does this add performance benefits thanks to its honeycomb form within, it also provides a subtle yet elegant finish to the machine.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Review 3

Stewart Golf states that each trolley will be unique in finish thanks to the way this manufacturing process works. So you could say each Q Follow is truly one of a kind.

Adding to the premium feel of the design are carbon fibre finishes on the handle, main support, undertray, and wheel arches.

The 36-hole plug-and-play SmartPower lithium battery comes with a free smartphone app to let you monitor usage and capacity in real time, while the company’s built to purpose EcoDrive motors allow you to play for longer at the same time as being more informed.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Review 5

A scorecard holder, soft-touch silicone handle and bag strap, handset storage, anti-twist locking bag key, four accessory points, quick release wheels and an umbrella holder mount all come as standard on the Q.

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All of that sounds fantastic, but as the name suggests, it is Stewart Golf’s brilliant Follow system and remote control technology that allow the Q Follow to stand out from the crowd.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Review 2

The brand’s Seventh-generation Follow electronics let you go truly hands free on the course.

This is achieved through the three-dimensional distance measurement tech with a constant Bluetooth connection that allows you to walk naturally along the fairway with the Q in tow behind.

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The Bluetooth remote control has a 50m range which provides control from the other side of even the largest greens, while manual steering provides control on paths and bridges.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Review 7

Both the Follow and remote control systems take almost no time at all to get the hang of. After just a few holes you will find yourself very rarely touching the trolley.

The intelligent engineering and low centre of gravity of the trolley means stability is guaranteed on all terrains.

If, however, the trolley finds itself tackling particularly bumpy areas of the golf course, the innovative stabiliser that automatically deploys and retracts when the Q Follow is folded or unfolded ensures the trolley remains upright.



At £1,749 there is no getting round the fact that this is one expensive bit of kit. The question is though, is it a worthwhile investment.

Well for me, if you’re in the fortunate position to splash that amount of cash on trolley then yes it most certainly is.

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It is an ultra-premium trolley that is a pure joy to play golf with.

Above all else, it is the level of freedom that the brilliant remote control and Follow systems afford you that make it worth the money.

It is truly like having a caddie on your bag. No other trolley allows you to play golf as uninhibitedly as the Q Follow.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Review 6

What helps to separate the Q from previous Stewart trolleys is its compact folding nature. It folds down to a significantly smaller size than the X9 Follow, which is always helpful when trying to find space in the boot of your car.

It’s also the little details with this trolley that let you know it’s a quality piece of engineering.

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You can tell that everything has been poured over with regards to the design and construction in Gloucestershire, from the subtle carbon fibre detailing, to the back stabilising wheels and the overall user-friendliness.

It may very well be a rather pricey machine but, in my eyes at least, it is worth every penny.

Available: Now
Price: £1,749

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