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A first glance at next year’s gear from top equipment brand

Now, these clubs won’t feature in bunkered until next year, but we thought we’d give a sneak preview to get you through the usually golf-starved run up to Xmas – well, it is the season of giving after all.

First of all, we’d like to introduce you to the newest members of the fanatically- popular R11 family: the R11 S driver and fairways. That’s right, just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, they have.

In the driver we are treated to a better aerodynamic design, a larger and thus more forgiving head, and ever more potential for adjustability – 80 potential launch condition combinations to choose from up from 48. And like the fairway wood, it has been tested to produce up to seven more yards in distance.

If a revamp of one of the most exciting product lines ever isn’t exciting enough for you, just wait until you see what TaylorMade has got fixed in as the replacement for the Burner line.

The name is… wait for it… RocketBallz. Granted it’s an ‘out there’ name but it’s one that has been chosen to reflect a game-changing product designed to help you send it, well, out there!

Now, without going into too much detail – we’ll leave that for issue 113 – throughout the metal wood armoury, player and robot testing has proven that RocketBallz is a club that’s going to knock spots off of your golf ball.

But the biggest breakthrough has come in the fairway wood where the COG – or how much speed and power is transferred into the ball at impact – has been exponentially heightened (the driver already pushes to the limits set by the R&A) so as to produce a massive 17-yard gain.

In fact, the fairway wood was the driving force behind the RocketBallz appellation – neatly shortened to RBZ on the sole. According to the tour pros who tested the prototypes, it goes “like a rocket”.

R11 S_Driver_3_4recomp

Likewise, the rescues have been proven to deliver 15 more yards, which should spark excitement for those in need of a yard or two for long approach shots. The key to these amazing figures is the incorporation of “RocketBallz Technology”; basically this is the combination of a flexible face with a sole pocket hidden in behind it.

As you might expect with TaylorMade clubs, each model mentioned above is also available as a TP option – giving you access to TaylorMade’s custom shafts – while the RocketBallz range – so driver, fairways and rescues – is available with either standard or tour heads, depending on your level of ability.

However, before you go digging out that Christmas list to Santa for a rehash, we feel duty-bound to inform you that neither the new R11S metals nor the RocketBallz range will be available to purchase before February 3, 2012.

We apologise for the heavy weight of disappointment that may have just saddled itself atop your shoulders as you wait for this day to arrive but just remember, good things come to those who wait.

Read the next issue of bunkered to find out more about these clubs and learn about the technology that really makes them tick.


R11S driver £349, TP £399
R11S fairway £199, TP £249
RocketBallz driver £199, TP £329
RocketBallz fairway £179, TP £249
RocketBallz rescue £139, TP £179


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