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Titleist’s new T200 and T300 irons are powered by Max Impact technology – an innovation that was developed in partnership with the Titlist Golf Ball R&D department to provide you with consistently better distance from every swing.

This never before seen piece of tech has Titleist claiming its new T-Series irons deliver a combination of power, performance, playability and feel unlike anything the brand has designed before.

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But what is this tech and how does it work?

Max Impact 2

Max Impact is designed to extend maximum speed across the entire face while preserving superior sound and feel.

The super thin faces on both the T200 and T300 irons are backed by a unique polymer core that is the brainchild of the Titleist Golf Ball R&D boffins.

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It helps to provide precise sound and vibration dampening qualities, while also helping to ensure the entire face retains maximum speed, meaning you get consistently better distance from every swing, leading to tighter dispersion with your irons.

Max Impact 3

“Max Impact allows us to push the limits of iron ball speed. With this system in place, we’re able to take our materials and make them thinner and faster to maximise speed across the face, and help give us the launch angle we need to deliver more consistent distances on every swing. In other words, you’ll end up with more shots that hit the green – and stop there,” explained Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D.

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He added: “Being able to rely on the material expertise of our Golf Ball R&D team, we were able to build a polymer core with properties that not only deliver the resilience we needed for speed performance but also sound dampening that helps us dial in the preferred feel for each construction.”

Max Impact 4

This system allows Titleist to continue to improve performance by pushing current materials to new limits.

Max Impact has enabled the engineers to maximise ball speed, improve launch across the face and deliver a preferred feel that is not commonly associated with irons that can deliver so much distance and forgiveness.

For more in the T-Series irons and how Max Impact technology can help improve your iron game click here.

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