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There aren’t many new gear releases that can match the anticipation and excitement that comes with a new Titleist irons launch.

Every two years the brand puts forward its best efforts in the quest to create the ‘world’s best irons.’

Although the monikers haven’t changed, this next generation T-Series line-up boasts a wealth of visual and under the hood improvements to help take your iron game to the next level.

If you want to find out more about the advanced constructions of these new designs then click here.

Titleist T100 2021 1


The last iteration of the T100 was the most played iron the PGA Tour pretty much since it first came on the scene in 2019. The 2021 edition looks set to take up that mantle, delivering the control, look and feel of a tour-ready iron, along with its enhanced forgiveness and versatility.

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The first thing you will notice is the new brushed chrome finish, similar to that seen on the brand’s 620 MB and 620 CB models. This change is a welcome one, enhancing the visual appeal of the stunning head.

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With minimal offset, a thin topline and short blade length, the traditionalists among you will fall in love with these irons as soon as you pick them up.

I certainly did.

Titleist T100 2021 2

When you start striking these iron you will also notice an improvement in feel over the previous generation. This all thanks to the collaboration between Titleist’s irons department and its Vokey wedge team.

The updated sole features a new variable bounce design with less bounce in the heel and more bounce in the toe. The result? Well the T100 cuts through the turf like a hot knife through butter. It is almost blade-like in its soft and responsive feel.

What made the T100 such an appealing option for so many tour pros, and better players the world over, is the fact that despite its classic appearance, this iron packs a serious amount of tech.

Titleist has incorporated D18, a denser version of tungsten weighting, and altered its fully forged, dual cavity constriction in the 3-7 irons to ensure higher MOI and better CG placement. In layman’s terms, greater forgiveness and easier launch.

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If you consider yourself a decent ball striker then the T100 will no doubt be on your wish list. It’s beautiful exterior belies the sheer amount of tech and performance that is packed into the compact design. 

Titleist T100 S 2021 1


On paper, the T100 was the model for me. It ticks every box when it comes down to what I want from a set of irons. Precision, control, stunning looks, soft feel and a bit of added help for when I am not striking it as pure as I would like.

What I discovered during my fitting, however, was that the T100•S was actually the better fit for me.

It is almost a carbon copy of its counterpart, but crucially, it has been engineered with two degrees stronger lofts.

I’ve been struggling with my launch and trajectory of late, ballooning the ball into the air a little. The added power of the T100•S helped to compensate for the weaknesses in my game, maximising my performance but still giving me the feel, control and look I want.

Going by past experiences I would have no doubt opted for the T100, and this illustrates why getting custom fitted is so important. Without an in-depth fitting I would most likely have gone into the wrong model for my game.

The T100•S is ideal for those of you who need that little bit of added distance from an iron that still offers pure feel and control.

Titleist T200 2021 1


Titleist pulled out all of the stops when engineering the T200. Its entirely new construction method and all-round performance benefits are bound to make it one of the most popular player’s distance irons in the business.

It finds the perfect speed, forgiveness, looks and feel sweetspot that most golfers are searching for. It is the jack-of-all-trades within the line-up.

Its power comes courtesy of Max Impact 2.0 and a forged, high COR SUP-10 L-Face insert, while a new muscle plate serves to enhance the feel of this tech-laden head. Plus, the incorporation of D18 tungsten precise CG locations ensures that each iron does its own job perfectly.

Crucially, Titleist has managed to retain the control all players want from their irons. They haven’t simply chased distance by dropping the spin rates. The T200 was sitting in great window for me, around about 6000rpm of backspin with the 7-iron. Couple that with its added ball speed and what your have is one of the most controllable player’s distance irons in the business. 

Add to the equation its stunning looks, and we have a real winner from Titleist that is going to appeal to so many of you reading this.

Titleist T300 2021 1


Titleist has a knack for producing some of the best looking game improvement irons in golf. With the T300 they have outdone themselves. At first glance you would probably think that iron that looks as smart as this, with a relatively thin topline, not a great deal of offset and overall good looks, simply wouldn’t perform as well as it does.

The reason why it offers such impressive distance and forgiveness for the players that need it most is down to the hard work of Titleist’s R&D department.

A new VFT face design and Max Impact 2.0 deliver more ball speed than ever before and more consistent ball speed across the entirety of the face. The result is improved consistency and more distance.

Also, 40% more tungsten has been placed in the head to give you the optimal combination of launch, spin and forgiveness.

If you want a solid-feeling iron that will help you find more greens and give you added confidence on the course then the T300 is the one for you.

Titleist T Series 2021 1

Titleist clearly left no stone unturned when it came time to update the T-Series. Every model boasts serious improvements over its predecessor, giving you the opportunity to improve your iron play and shoot lower scores.

Titleist says its mission is to produce ‘the world’s best irons.’ With this latest line-up they certainly have a good case for claiming that title.

Available: August 26
T100 £164 (per steel iron), £178 (per graphite iron)
T100•S £164 (per steel iron), £178 (per graphite iron)
T200 £164 (per steel iron), £178 (per graphite iron)
T300 £129 (per steel iron), £142 (per graphite iron)

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