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Golf clubs are being supported in their drive to become more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly with the publication of a ten-point “eco-checklist”.

Compiled by GreenClub, a specialist
environmental consultancy that is helping golf clubs to reduce their
carbon footprint, the list is well-timed, with Glasgow set to play host
to the COP26 climate change conference next month.

covers all parts of everyday life and features a number of simple
measures that not only promote a greener future but can also benefit
venues financially.

chief executive, Liam Greasley, said: “The list that we have compiled
and are asking people to follow shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for
engaging in a longer-term strategy to make a difference.


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“This is very
much the start of the path towards carbon neutrality, and we would urge
any venue that is serious about making a long-term commitment to the
environment to speak to us.

is a very real issue – it’s not a box ticking exercise – and the golf
and leisure industry needs to start taking note of these issues.”

GreenClub’s eco-checklist

  1. Switch off the lights and switch your bulbs to LED.
  2. Switch off “standby” appliances. When replacing old appliances, look for more energy efficient ones. 
  3. Check that the fridge and freezer thermostats are at their most efficient setting and defrost regularly to maintain efficiency. 
  4. Turn down the heating – even just one degree will make a difference.
  5. Be smart on water usage. Fit regulators on taps, showers and toilets so water can’t be left running.
  6. Check your building insulation and reduce draughts by closing doors and curtains. 
  7. Use a smart meter to monitor energy usage.
  8. Encourage and incentivise your customers to car share ….. or cycle to your venue.
  9. Source the produce you require for your venue locally. 
  10. Cut down on single-use plastics and use wooden or recycled golf tees.


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– a principal partner of the PGA – is committed to improving
sustainability in the golf industry and beyond and their objective
continues to gather pace on several fronts.

well as their consultation services to assess current and future needs
of any business as they seek to reduce their carbon emissions, venues
can also become generators of their own green renewable energy by
renewable energy options.

In some cases, any surplus energy can then be
sold to the local market, rather than back to the grid.

For further information, visit


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